quip: the D.L.’d

So, a couple of notes from an ongoing set of conversations today made the typical sports commentary that much more enjoyable for the Quick Shot that ultimately is re-posted here. I know I don’t do the backwards post often but in this case, I decided it was tooooooo goo not to share…

The Mets announce Santana’s season ending trip to the DL – my note to Bobby fwd’ing the story
The Mouse: quick, call up livan hernendez, tell him he has his job with the Mets back in the starting rotation…
the question is, does he want to chance ending his career with them? permanent disabled list
you know what’s Amazin about the Amazin’s is that they haven’t changed their name yet from the Mets to the D.L.-ets

Then the Amazin’s announce Wagner’s trade to the Sox
Friend: He was worried about ending his career a middle reliever?
The Mouse:
He was more worried about ending his career as a Met.

Then, the illustrious closer B.Lidge blew another one for the Phils
The Mouse: So, your reason for not going after Wags was?
Amy: Old man! Brett Meyers needs to speed up the rehab stint and get to the bullpen to be our closer like yesterday!!
The Mouse: wait, i thought he was a met? isn’t he? i mean he’s living on the DL right
Anchor: I think Meyers will be back. I like him, he really is a “Philly Guy”
The Mouse: wait, are you sure he’s not a met? sorry, i mean carl pavano’s twin?
Friend: Wow, that was aweful.
The Mouse: yeah, that’s why i’m a marketing dork and not a comedian? oh, you meant B.Lidge… yeah, the “b” stands for bummer

you’ll notice, for once, there’s a distinct lack of Bobby in this post, yeah, well bobby decided not to show up with the good commentary fast enough today… he must be getting old hahaha!

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