recipe: Atum Azores e Couve

I made this dish the other night after becoming inspired for it by a meal I made over the weekend that was completely spur of the moment while rummaging through the fridge and the cubbard. What I absolutely adore about dishes such as this are the way they come together without having to make special trips to the grocery store to get exotic things to make them and yet still have them taste exotic. I will admit, my spice rack and all probably are better stocked than most as it is more a reflection of my daily cooking of both Delta and Iberian cuisine. Even still, this is potentially a quick cook, big flavor meal that really draws my interest. It isn’t something I grew up with, it’s something I grew into and much like some of the tech and grind music I enjoy, it is something truly learned to enjoy. Hence, timing the meal out to Blood Has Been Shed songs, because it seemed to just work out perfect like that.

I would suggest if you need a starch you consider some home made potato chips. They are a staple of the Iberian-American restaurant regionally. I have no idea of how authentic they are, but, this thinny cut, fried and spiced potato are splendidly crunchy and make a perfect foil to the other textures of the dish. You will notice the the warm green salad in this recipe. It’s an old standby for me, the trick is to just wilt the greens, if you over cook them they will get bitter and lose the natural flavors and become a sloppy, sloshy, gag-reflex mess. As for the spices, this is a variant of one of my two standby house spices, so you don’t get the whole thing here, but it’s enough to replicate the dish and make it enjoyable. The tuna can be grilled rather than seared as done in this recipe. I prefer my tuna to be seared and very rare, start the tuna first if you like it cooked through rather than rare but be aware, this will dilute the natural tuna flavor and potentially burn the spices.

tuna steak
baby spinach and kale (or other combo of dark leafy greens)
olive oil
lime (juice and zest)
spices *
large fry pan

* spices: garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander, all spice, cinnamon

Combine the spices and the oil and allow the flavors to meld.
Zest and juice the lime. reserve the zest and combine it with the spices. reserve the juice for the greens.
Pat the tuna steaks dry and then thoroughly rub the steaks with the spices and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes chill.
Preheat the skillet and the fry pan and allow them to come up to temperature
Add the onion and garlic and begin to sweat them till the onions become translucent
Toss the greens with the oil and spice mixture
Place the greens in the fry pan and drizzle with the lime.
Put a bit of oil in the skillet, do not allow it to smoke! Add the tuna steaks
Toss the greens in the fry pan
Watch the steaks cooking as they begin to sear quickly flip and allow them to sear the other side
Toss the greens again i the frypan and then strain any extra liquid from the saute

Serve! I like the greens slightly under the tuna steaks with them propped up. If you do it with the potatoes place them in a ring around the outside. I would also reserve the liquid from the greens cooking, perhaps reduce it with some fresh cilantro over high heat, and allow it as a “dressing”

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