recipe: dill salmon

Clean, simple and quick. Three best words to describe this meal. It’s nice with a side of rice pilaf or couscous if you wanted a starchy side if you want to go that route, but after so many hot, sticky days this kind of meal just has a cooling effect and take almost no time or energy to make. Throw on a little punk rock to keep the mood light while cooking and bounce around the kitchen and you really cannot go wrong, just watch that knife while cutting the cukes, they need to be nice and thin to really have the effect. Take your pick on if you want to skin the cukes and the salmon. I like to partially skin the cukes and sear off the salmon with the skins on for the texture.

rice wine vinegar or cider vinegar
salmon fillets
dill (best fresh)
cracked black pepper
mixing bowl

Peel cucumbers longwise, leaving thin strips of skin between the rows
Thinly slice the cucumbers in rounds
Coarsley chop the dill and divide into two parts
Place the cucumbers, dill and vinegar in the mixing bowl and toss
Place in refrigerator covered and allow to chill while flavors meld
Pre-heat the skillet
Coat the salmon with the remaining dill and black pepper
Sear the fillet skin side up to start then flip as the sides begin to turn pink
Allow it to finish cooking over high heat skin side down until the flesh begins to flake and it’s cooked through and the skin becomes nice and crisp
Plate the cucumber and then the fillet over the top of it with a sprig or two of dill

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