mixtape: dad’s bday

So, every year I try and make something special for my dad in addition to buying him a little something that he probably needs for one of his hobbies. This year, in addition to offering to cook him a meal of his choice, I worked on a mix for him that reflects some of our joint listening from over the years and things I know he enjoys but doesn’t get to listen to enough because there isn’t much love for the hard rock around his household (nothing like another Hanna Montana song or show tune to be stuck humming along to). He took me to my first every rock shows back in the day, spent hours recording my high school bands in the basement and and so much more so I’m hoping some of these evoke some great memories while bringing in a few new ones he’ll hopefully also enjoy.

Everygrey “Solitude Within” from Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy
Megadeth “Tears in a Vial” from the System Has Failed
Metallica “Enter Sandman” from the Black Album
Shadows Fall “Venomous” from Threads of Life
Testament “Electric Crown” from the Ritual
Nevermore “Narcosynthesis” from Dead Heart in a Dead World
Judas Priest “Rapid Fire” from British Steel
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” from Paranoid
Meshuggah “Erroneous Manipulation” from Contradictions Collapse
Dream Theatre “Lie” from Awake
Rush “Tom Sawyer” from Moving Pictures
Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” from Live After Death
Grip Inc. “Endowment of Apathy” from Incorporated
Herod “Revelations” from For Whom the Gods May Destroy

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