recipe: soy salmon and noodles

After battling a pounding headache and eating next to nothing for two days I finally felt up to cooking. Unfortunately, the brutal humidity that’s been building for the past two days seems to be coming to a head, which means who wants to eat a hot and heavy meal. This is a variation on elements I previously put together in the Cold Sesame Noodles w/ Ginger Soy Salmon. Obviously, this can be served warm and would make a very nice dish, but cold was a perfect way to bring together flavors that were refreshing. For the noodles regular spaghetti pasta would work fine but feel free to experiment with different sizes and different textures (I used angel hair wheat, for example) as each will bring something different to the dish. Pick your veggies based on your personal taste, what you can get fresh and make sense with the flavor combos as you change them with your experiments. For today I had snap peas, onion and broccoli. For the tea, a black tea will work fine but you can, of course, switch it up to a chai spice or other flavors.

Salmon fillets
assorted cut veggies
soy sauce
garlic powder
onion powder
celery powder
steamer inset or metal collendar
stock pot
frying pan
mixing bowl

Crush garlic and ginger and combine with the garlic, onion and celery powder
Use the above rub on the salmon fillet
Bring the water to a boil in the stock pot and steep the tea in the water
Place the collender of veggies to steam over the pot of water covered
Preheat the frying pan
Place the fillet skin side down in the frying pan over high heat and begin to cook
Once the water comes to a boil add the pasta and cook to the package instructions
Combine soy sauce, garlic, ginger and cilantro and set aside
Once the veggies are tender remove them from the heat, submerge them in ice water to set the color and then toss in the the soy sauce mixture
Remove the pasta, strain and toss in soy sauce mixture, combine with the tossed veggies
Remove the fish from the heat and allow it to rest
Flake the fish into the the combination of pasta and veggies
Reserve any unused soy mixture
Chill the now combined fish, pasta and veggies
Once everything is chilled, toss again in the soy mixture and serve

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