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You know what we do at nyphillycombine? We spend a lot of time spotty sports musing. We pretend like we know what we’re talking about and BS our way through email and SMS conversations the way no one should. Here’s what you’ve missed:


Bobby sent a note regarding the Phils considering Pedro Martinez. Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a fan. Respect where respect is deserved for some of his Cy Young years but all-in-all between the attitude and the on the hill practices (head hunting, etc) during his years with rival BoSox and Mets he’s not my thing.

bobby: Damn….. Pedro stinks did anyone see how much runs this guy gave up with the mets…. Bad move for the phils unless halliday comes here….”

The Mouse: The least of your concerns is what he did to the Mets staff considering what your TEAM did to the Mets staff over that same time frame. Only the house in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation was more lit up.

Anyway, I know you guys need a fifth starter, but you should be looking for a #2-#3 arm, not a #5 arm. After Hamels it’s a pretty thin group of back end rotation guys right now. Happ very well could come into his own but he’s still a kid, Blanton and Moyer would be filler in most rotations and I don’t think Lopez is a solution for a staff that really needs a #2 guy to pick up Meyers being on the DL.

Bobby: That’s what I’m saying… get someone good. Why not a #1. I want Halliday… He’d kill it and if we are stuck facing your Yanks he’ll win it for us by himself! Pedro can suck it… His Yank killing time is over… maybe his all time killing is over

The Mouse:
Hold your horses there though guy, both teams need to make it to the series before we get that far with Yank killers.

Pedro is not a top rotation guy. He hasn’t been ace quality for the last three years. He had one good season with the Mets but the last several he’s been very injury prone and his numbers reflect not only fewer starts and innings pitched, but a diminished win-loss ratio, an ERA floating between 4.5 and 5, a BAA nearing .300. His Ks per inning seem alright, but his BB is elevated and his HR per inning is slowly rising, he’s also prone to being run on as his delivery to the plate’s gotten slower. Considering he’ll be pitching against the NL-E still, the caliber of hitters is about the same as it ever was and there’s some familiarity with him as a pitcher for these batters. The wild card in all of this is how sharp will he be after not actively pitching against big league talent during the first half of 2009. If you were looking for a back-of-rotation solution, Pedro might not be bad, especially if you had a cussion to work with upfront, but to fill in the hole that actually needs to be filled, I think it’s a bridge move that’ll land him out of the rotation as quick as he got in.

As much as Halladay is supposedly on the trading block and quantifiably would fill the hole (and then some) you have in the rotation, however, there are a number of factors to consider in this. With the majority of the Toronto starters on the DL, Toronto is not going to allow a move that doesn’t include at least one young MLB ready arm along with some deeper pitching prospects they can test immediately at AAA or on the big club. On that note too, remember that Toronto does struggle for fans and Halladay is their big draw these days, so whatever they do they still need to fill seats and exciting kids that have some recognizable name / success could help them do that. Finally, Halladay’s already hinted that a contract renegociation is not likely and he’d be more apt to be a mercenary and go into a FA open market so whatever contract extention offer that is floated would have to be juiced to sway that opinion. So it’s not a cheep and easy deal. If you look at why BoSox and Yanks are laying off the idea right now it explains quite a bit. They’ve floated by the Yanks Chamberlain and Montero at a minium plus draft compensation to start the conversation and BoSox was Buckholtz and someone else plus draft compensation. That’s a lot to give up for a guy who they might not retain after the contract expires and like I said, if the contract is negociated it’ll be a big hit financially. Best example I can give is Sabbathia in the Indians to Milwaukee to the Yankees scenario and Toronto isn’t as desparate to unload Halladay I think, otherwise it would have been done already.

Bobby: Doesn’t matter I still want him… so i can take my hand off the panic button… youre right sir… seems like if they wanted him gone from the Jays someone would have him already… and all the Phils can do is clean house to get him and I don’t want that… I like our pitching when it’s healthy and we got young kids we shouldn’t lose yet…

Trapping the Cup

So the Leather Daddy was the first to forward me info on the announcement Jacques Lemaire was headed back to the Devils yesterday… his note “biggest free agent signing the Devils will make!”

my initial reply was “are they bringing stevens and danekyo out of retirement to work the blue line too? claude lemieux is free again too”

As I discussed with several Devils fans and of course Bobby the Flyers fanatic, over the course of the day, here’s my biggest question… is this move really going to make the team more competitive post-lock out?

I am not convinced it will. Lemaire is a good coach, don’t get me wrong. But the Devils have yet to show that simply reuniting different pieces of their previously successful franchise is going to bring them any closer to the glory and I don’t think simply this coaching change alone will be any different.

Even if they did go back to playing that defensive discipline and smotheringly slow style of play they were known (and unfortunately chided for), this isn’t the same caliber of blueliners and defensive forwards they had back then. Nor are the post-lock out rule changes condusive to 60 minute bump and grind trap style game. Nor is the league as suseptable to the trap style as it once was when lemaire and robinson where brutalizing teams with it – although a disciplined defence would be a nice change of place in the East (as beantown and ‘canes circa second half so politely showed).

I didn’t like Suter because I don’t think he really understood the depth of the Devils franchise mindset when it comes to playing responsibly from the redline back and tried to open the team up on offense too quickly focusing on the forcheck rather than balanced responsibility with the puck and without enough of the pieces in place to be really successful at it and over the last few seasons the team, despite winning, still struggled with consistency and identity. It did make for a nice breakout of Zach Parise, but that might have happened anyhow and really, although the Devils are usally bagged on as not being a scoring team, one needs only review the team numbers from the beginning of Lemairs tenure to find as a team they lead the East several times for team scoring and the Division a number more, they just were not flashy about it.

That’s besides the point. Lemaire. Is he going to put distance between the Devs and the rest of the East? I dunno. The potential for the Devs is there, has been for several years now, but the difference being, this still makes them feel very average in a division that is built on anything but right now. It seems like this might end up being a transition year as they further experiement with the mismatched pieces they have and try to relearn a team identy that now attempts to somewhat undo what Suter was trying to do.


newswire: LHP J.A. Happ allowed two runs on three hits and walked two in six innings, posting another quality start and leaving his ERA at 2.97. However, he and the Phillies lost 4-0 at Arizona. Happ had been subject to recent trade rumors, but he wasn’t dealt. Instead, he might end up in the Phillies bullpen following the acquisition of LHP Cliff Lee.

the responses:

The Mouse: WTF are your boys thinking?!?! Seriously. Are you drinking the Camden sewage out of the Delaware??
Bobby: hahahahah, you’re a funny man. that might be a short term solution since romero, durbin, condrey are on the dl….
The Mouse: I don’t like it honestly… then again, the yanks are talking chamberlain to the pen too
Bobby: Yeah I heard that too… why??
The Mouse: kool-aid made from Hudson River sludge! For Joba – to keep his innings down. Honestly, I’d rather see them skip in rotation from time to time, or pull him earlier in games (like in the 6th) to save his innings. Or, rather, go by innings-under-duress and true pitch counts. He’ll be in the pen depending on how the rotation fairs going into the playoffs which makes a deadly 1-2 with he and Hughes, but for now, he’s the right choice in that #4/#5 slot in the rotation if managed right. Then again, when it comes to pitching, since Mel left you have to shake your head about some of the decisions and the explanations make less sense than a Yogism.
Bobby: ha! Yogi. Nice. that’s true. As for Happ, I like him a lot hence why we added him to the roster… Make him a starter and keep him there… Moyer honestly I would move to the pen he might be effective in lefty situations… OR.. Put pedro in the pen for short innings to save arms for the playoffs down the stretch when the phils have a 4 run lead if hamels or lee is pitching and its the 6th or 7th inning put pedro in .. If he starts to falter then go right to madson..
the Mouse: Agree. Happs numbers make him your #1 starter, with Lee, he’ll be a formidable #2 overall I think. There’s no reason to pen him because of innings or pitch count since he came in later in the year. Pedro is a wildcard for a starter at best. He’s had a terrible go at it the last three seasons and hasn’t pitched at all this season. No need to put Moyer in the pen and disrupt the rotation until you see what, if anything, Pedro can do in the majors. My guess is you signed another Pedro Ho Park, errrr, Chan Ho Martinez… which is it?


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