recipe: mustard salmon with brussel sprouts

I am a seafood fanatic and absolutely adore salmon, especially the wild caught variety. Anytime I see it in the market I am sure to pick it up and the other day there was a large package of assorted wild caught salmon fillets that was too good to pass up. There are so many ways to make salmon and it is so easy to cook, i’m sure there will be several recipes coming up from this haul alone. I had some stone ground mustard left over from working on another dish and decided for today that it would make the perfect accompaniment to the salmon tonight. Stone ground mustard includes whole mustard seeds which will bring a nice texture to the dish and provide great flavor bursts in each bite. The base below the jarred mustard is a rub I made up whose base is that of ground mustard and other related elements. I prefer to leave the skin on the fillets as it is edible and it will crisp up nicely adding yet another dimension to the dish both in flavor and texture. If you don’t want to eat the skin you can slide the flesh off right before serving but it’s worth still cooking with it on as it also helps keep the fish from sticking to the pan and destroying the fillets. The dish, of course, works with a wide variety of other fish too. As for the side, brussel sprouts were the bane of my mother. She forced my sister and I to eat them as kids despite her dislike of them. As it turned out we learned to enjoy them and I often fall back on them as a side you can do a lot of interesting treatments to. Feel free to experiment with this dish as you make it and enjoy what you come up with.

salmon fillet
stone ground mustard
ground mustard powder
onion powder
garlic powder
ground pepper (I used a combination of black and white corns)
finely crushed dried rosemary
white wine
brussel sprouts
large frying pan
medium skillet

Combine the mustard, garlic and onion powder along with the rosemary and ground pepper.
Rub your spice mixture into the flesh of the salmon and allow it to sit for between 5-20 minutes (in your fridge) to allow the flavors to meld
In the medium skillet combine the white wine with 2:1 stone ground mustard and chopped garlic cloves over medium heat
Add the brussel sprouts to the skillet and cover allowing so the sprouts steam as well as saute in the liquid
Preheat your frying pan (if non stick and necessary add a bit of olive oil)
Place the salmon in the pan and allow to cook until the flesh becomes a soft pink, is just starting to flake and firm to the touch.
Turn off the heat, leaving the fish in the skillet spoon the stone ground mustard over the top of the fillet
While the fillet is setting up uncover the skillet with the brussel sprouts, increase the heat and allow the liquid to reduce by at least by half
Plate the salmon fillet and some of the sprouts, drizzle the wine reduction over the sprouts and enjoy

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