quick shot: an all star fantasy

Another year, another fantasy baseball season to look over. Fantasy Sports Tarnation Once again, Bobby from NYPhillyCombine and yours truly are involved. I documented my exploits against Bobby in his Philly based league last year and we both are once again playing, only together as league co-managers. Sadly (sorry Bobby), I think more of his management skills are at play than mine in our joint league. Our pitching, of course, is pretty consistent but there are inconsistencies to our hitting that get frustrating sometimes. I am playing with a bunch of mid-west kids for a second league that, much like last year with Bobby, my draft status was nearly nullified by not attending the live draft and I had to piece together my team off the wire and through trades to fill in gaps from poor drafting, early injuries and other goofiness. Both our original rosters were also posted in a previous fantastic fantasy post.

Philly’s Finest 9th of 10 at .423; 33 back
Notes – well, we’re still better than Pittsburgh and Washington in the real world, top teams are tied at .619 with the big drop between 2 and 3 and then 4 and 5 and then last place a distant 53 games out of the running

Pitching All Stars:
Tim Lincecum (SP – Giants)
Mark Buerhle (SP – CWS)
Mariano Rivera (CL – NYY)
All Star Lineup Reserves:
Justin Morneau (1B – Min)
Dustin Pedroia (2B – Bos)

ASG Snubs:
Chone Figgins (2B/3B – LAA) – leads AL in runs, #4 SB

Lostlittlemice 5th of 12 at .524; 21 back
It’s a larger league and the middle is pretty tight, first place is a runaway .674 with only three and a half games separating me from second, or on the flipside less than 20 losses from last. I finished up the final week 11-1 which was gratifying.

All Star Pitching
Mark Buerhle (SP – CWS)
Jason Marquis (SP – Col)
Andrew Bailey (CL – Oak)
Joe Nathan (CL – Min)
All Star Lineup
Aaron Hill (2B – Tor)
All Star Lineup Reserves
Brian McCann (C – Atl)
Freddy Sanchez (2B – Pitt)

ASG Snubs
Wandy Rodreguez (SP -Hou) – T5 lowest ERA NL
Shin-Soo Chu (OF – Cle) 5th OBP AL
Russell Branyan (1B/3B – Sea ) #3 HR AL
Nyjer Morgan (OF Pit/Was) #2 SB NL

* Johan Santana (SP – NYM) I traded him away about 2 weeks at most before the ASG

So, there you have it… what do you think? Do either of us have a chance?

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