mixtape: traveling tunes

I hate the process of traveling, but I love going places. Go figure. Due to my disdain for the process of travel, especially air travel, I needed to piece together what I would consider a calming influence for it. An espresso and a good mix of music later and I’m usually alright. The return trip home from Madison, Wisconsin was a balance of the serenity I sought and the aggression I feel when navigating throngs of people, security, scheduling, luggage retrieval and the sight of home coming into view from the aircraft window. I grew up on thrash and speed metal so there’s always a bit of a soft spot for it and although many of these bands are derivative of one another they all bring something to the table that makes them stir my heart and keep me sane. It was a great trip and this was what I considered a great way to end it.

“Epoch of War” Becoming the Archetype from the Physics of Fire
“My Delight” Fear My Thoughts from Volcanus
“the Path of Least Resistance” Scar Symmetry from Pitch Black Progress
“Sworn to a Great Divide” Soilwork from Sworn to a Great Divide
“a Moment of Clarity” the Defaced from Karma in Black
“Monocromatic Stain” Dark Tranquility from Damage Done
“What I’ve Become” Lamb of God from Ashes of the Wake
“Relentless” Nodes of Ranvier from the Years to Come
“An Ocean Between Us” As I Lay Dying from An Ocean Between Us
“Rose of Sharon” Killswitch Engage from the End of Heartache
“Vulture” A Life Once Lost from Hunter
“Grace for Euccession” Extol (thrash) Synergy
“Embraced Desolation” Into Eternity from Buried Oblivion
“Ancestry of the Anarchist” Byzantine from …And They Shall Take Up Serpents
“Bloodwork” Living Sacrifice from the Hammering Process
“Nothing Remains” Chimera from self-titled
“the Great Dividers” Unearth from the Oncoming Storm
“Death Anxiety” Bleeding Through from Declaration

There were more, this was the first part of what I put together before I stopped keeping track while distracted by reading

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