mixtape: happy father’s day

So, the theme mixes continue and I realize I really enjoy the challenge of piecing these together. The hidden theme on this one is father’s day. Well, of course, because that’s when I’m making it and for my pa. Follow the track letters down and it spells a surprise! These are all songs my dad really enjoys. We were listening to a much longer mix and pieced this together from that from his reactions and things he and I grew up listening to together. We have fond memories going to one of our first concerts together (Metallica, ACDC), some of our earliest shared listening (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden), recording me playing drums in the basement (Rush, Dream Theatre) and even a Father’s Day concert past (Black Sabbath). Great memories and hopefully a mix he truly appreciates too.

“Hell is High” Black Label Society from Shot To Hell
“Albatross” Corrosion of Conformity from Deliverance
“the Path” Down from III: Over the Under
“Pure Rock Fury” Clutch from Pure Rock Fury
“You Better Believe It” Mountain from Over the Top
“Fire” the Jimi Hendrix Experience from Are You Experienced?
“Ace of Spades” Motorhead from 1917
“T.N.T.” AC/DC from High Voltage
“Head Out To the Highway” Judas Priest from Point of Entry
“Enter Sandman” Metallica from the Black Album
“Run to the Hills” Iron Maiden from the Number of the Beast
“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Black Sabbath from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
“Disciples of the Watch” Testament
“Achilles Last Stand” Led Zeppelin
“YYZ” Rush from Moving Pictures
“Pull Me Under” Dream Theatre from Images and Words
“Arriving Somewhere (but not here – edit)” Porcupine Tree from Alivewing (the Deadwing mixes

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