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Today, I forwarded around an article regarding the National Hockey League’s policy regarding fining franchises. This is a hot topic considering some of the other regulations and enforcement options that are taking place during this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

Yahoo Sports, Puck Daddy blog released a story titled “How Gary Bettman restricts speech through financial intimidation

It is a rather insightful article detailing some of the leagues more insane by-laws. I decided it was good enough to forward to fellow blogger Bobby and the LD and included the following note:
“so sad, but so true… I think mailing this piece is going to cost Detroit money for the conspiracy sympathizer i’m sending this to, the Flyers money for the retaliatory nature of who i sent this too… and the caps money for me being an instigator by sending this to you two.

Sure enough, the article spurred the best part of what Bobby has to offer, this choice emotional cut, “Three words for you there sir, FUCK GARY BETTMAN”

To which, I sent the following:

bobby, look what you did!!!!! check out this News Flash from VS.

Flyers Fined $100,000 for unruly fan comments regarding the commissioner.

(Philadelphia, PA) June 8, 2009 – The Philadelphia Flyers were fined $100,000 by the National Hockey League (NHL) for the comments of an unruly fan. A little known by-law of the league, statute 666.0, allows the commissioner to levee the fine at his own discretion when it is deemed a fan of a team might be criticizing the general policies of the NHL and the commissioner. Commissioner Bettmann initially refused to comment regarding the matter after the office of the NHL released the information regarding the fine this afternoon. However, after several attempts by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Associated Press were not returned, Mr. Bettmann released the following response to the inquiries from the office of the NHL, “It is the sad distinction of the Philadelphia Flyers franchise that they possess fans with such vulgar attitudes as to display themselves against the National Hockey League in such a manner. We do not believe any franchise should exist as an island and strive for togetherness. Unfortunately, there are certain Flyers fans who take it upon themselves to undermine the franchise and the league and until the city of Philadelphia and the Flyers franchise can reign in their fans hostility and reduce the vulgarity of the comments toward myself and the office of the NHL we will be forced to continue with this type of punishment.” It was also released with the statement the league is considering more drastic measures at silencing the fans, including starting Philadelphia off with a points deficit in the standings for the 2009-2010 season. The unprecedented move appears to be soley because of a single fan’s email commentary to another fan that was intercepted by the NHL in conjunction with the American and Canadian anti-terrorism authorities.

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