mixtape: punkitup

So, growing up a metal kid at heart (metal, like Bay Area, not LA circa late 80s glam/hair, sorry folks) it took me a bit longer to embrace the punk and hardcore scenes, but I also know where my roots are and had it not been for all three the 70s scenes (the arena rock, the prog rock and the punk) there wouldn’t be thrash and growing up that was the foundation of my youth. Spring for me is a huge time for me to revisit my (newfound)love of the punk genre thanks to many a good friend (and fellow blogger, thanks Tiz!) for helping solidify my passive offerings to the genre into a true love when he was an intern. This was a super-quick-on-the-fly version of a playlist, so I hope it comes out alright, because I don’t normally think about the vast differences most people usually attribute to some genres, especially ones as snub-nosed as punk can be… heck, I’m just glad I get a smile out of it

Bad Religion “Give You Nothing” from Suffer
Rise Against “My Life Inside Your Heart” from The Unraveling
Sick of it All “Built to Last” from Built to Last
Boysetsfire “Rookie” from After the Eulogy
Stretch Arm Strong “to the End” from Free at Last
the Killing Tree “Everything You Had is Gone (Fall From Grace)” from We Sing Sin
a Wilhelm Scream “Brand New Me, Same Shitty You” from Mute Print
Thrice “See You in the Shadows” from the Illusion of Safety
H2O “Fading” from F.T.T.W.</a
the Loved Ones “Suture Self” from
Keep Your Heart
the Bouncing Souls “Better Things” from The Gold Record
Green Day “Chump” fromDookie
the Valley Arena “Piano Wire” from Take Comfort in Strangers
the Refused “Summerholidays vs Punkroutine” from the the Shape of Punk to Come: a Chimerical Bombation in 12 Bursts
At the Drive-in “One Armed Scissor Man” Relationship of Command
the Letters Organize “They Call it Rock and Roll” from Dead Rhythm Machine

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