the phriggin phils

So I may be a Yanks fan but I know enough Phils fans to have this fun set of facts as Bobby and I were discussing the opening day antics of his Phils and those rival Mets. As we all know, the Phils dropped their opening day the last few season. As we also all know, it’s not how you begin but how you end, as Philadelphia trounced over the Mets in September and eventually left their mark in October as well.

Bobby proceed to note, “the Mets they have to bring home the World Series to even measure up to my team this year.”

Rarely, very rarely, would I defend the Mets, but this time, I have an ironclad rebuttal to Bobby’s point about the Phils. Beware, however Mets fas, you have to tread on the defense against Philadelphia lightly, lest not to be upstaged by the whole one Marlins fan that might still exist in this world.

The Phillies WS last year is what tied them and the with the Mets for historical wins for the franchises, both with a whopping two… (Oh, by the way, the Marlins, also in the NL-E have also have two)

Mets got theirs in 69 and 86 and while the Phils were 80 and 08, considering the number of years each franchise has existed, Phils historical franchise years to wins is a wallowing .0169 average (2 wins from 1890 to 2008) versus the Mets .0434 (2 wins from 62 to 2008) (oh, and those Marlins .1333 average (2 wins from 1993 to 2008))

Mets also made it to the series 4 times (including 73 and 2000) giving them a .500 average for appearances, whereas your team I believe has 6 pennants, but only 2 wins or a .300 average for appearances… (and those Marlins are a perfect 1.000 being two for two pennants to WS wins in 97 & 03.)

Phils may have the more recent WS win, but the Mets accomplished theirs sooner, within 7 years of their conception, whereas, wereas the Phils didn’t even get their first pennant till 1915 (25 years later). The Marlins took a mere 4 years to complete the task. Furthermore, the Phils took 28 years to finally repeat, while the Mets only 17… (Then again, those pesky Marlins 6 years.)

Ok, so it may not shut a Phils fan up too quickly as they gloat about the opportunity as they attempt the implausible back-to-back WS, but on historical premise alone it’s enough to at least put them in their place. I don’t even need to bust out the metrics for teams to repeat, do I?

Perhaps, I will, for Bobby’s sake, in a later post…


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