quip: endings are overrated

I oft-jibe with people I am some kind of aspiring intellect. I yearn to learn and challenge myself for a deeper understanding of things, both from a cynical and from an analytical perspective. This is a bit of a long tirade, but then again, would you expect any less?

ME: … and so, it begins … but to begin surmises and ending, and who’s to say there is an end point, suppose everything is eternity, then what?
Friend: Then we learn to play the hand we are dealt.
ME: you play the hand you are dealt for what means, if there is no end, than there is no point in playing the hand, because playing a hand assumes a winner and a loser, and the determination as such necessitates an ending, of which, we already established is an eternity and therefor to play a hand might be an impossibility
Friend: yes it may be an impossibility, but who says there has to be winners and losers. just play the hand, you never know what life will throw at you. Live for the day, or hour, or moment.
ME: to play a hand clearly implies a game… so, is there a game without a defined set of terms that includes some logic of an endpoint? it seems to me that’s a reasonable impossibility by definition and therefore counter intuitive to the premise and an inappropriate metaphor in this particular instance.
you might however, as so stated, chose to live each moment, but two paradox occur, you would have to chose to or not to live in the moment, and if indeed you believe to not have chosen at all, you still have made a choice because you can’t do both functionally be alive in the moment an functionally dead in it simultaneously… however, if a moment is supposedly a fixed unit of time and the assumption is there is no endpoint in time, than either a moment cannot exist because it requires an endpoint or if is merely mis-defined and every moment in and of itself is an eternity.
Other Friend: Ok, so this conversation can’t have an end, can it
ME: No conversation ever does, it is quite possible it is paused for some time, but, no thought is lost forever and so long as it dwells upon the still firing synapses of someone’s brain and that electrophysical pulse is re-expressed outwardly in anyway, the conversation is continued, even if not by the initiators.
Other Friend: Sir, what was in your coffee today?
ME: Dunno, feel like you’re in a Carroll scene yet…? definitely wasn’t sweet enough though…
Other Friend: No kidding, bitter much?
ME: No sir, just somewhere between reading shelly’s frankenstein, sea-wolf and the unbearable lightness of being I’ve become a most confounding misintellect … and in-as-such, I’ve quite wholeheartedly decided that endings are overrated, therefore I’m working to abolish them.

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