burn this on your hot nyy stove

The hot stove team-by-team analysis are showing up all over online. Bobby and I previously posted on nyphillycombine a really circular and not well conceived version of a lengthy instant message conversation, to which, of course, Bobby and I continue to forward one another analysis.

In one such banter back and forth resulted in me trying to cut off the inevitable critiques of the Yanks – all in jest of course, being I am a fan:

Now before it gets said, there’s a reason the Yanks are still wearing road grays, it’s to hide the silvering color of their hair as they field yet another group of old guys. Yeah, grandpa gumby grouch the Big Unit still isn’t coming back to the big apple but even since his departure even as they’ve gotten younger, they just keep finding ways to get older.

And, on a similar note, shall we start taking injury bets now… mine is on Burnett edges out Huges who edges out Chamberlain but all three of them end up watching the pitching implode from their own turn on the DL. Burnett will blow out something probably randomly like so many of his predecessors has, Hughes is running out of odd-ball injuries but there’s still a few months to come up with something and Chamberlain is gonna end fist pumping so hard his arm is gonna go over homeplate and the ball is gonna be laying on the mound on the next pitch.

The Yanks landed Mark Teixeira. He’s probably happy for a few reasons, and not because it appeased his wife. First off, he won’t have to listen to Bostonians mispronounce his name by re-inserting the “r” sound that they normally drop or artificially shorted in to the bewildering “Tex.” And second, should anything happen he can always fall back on A-Rod for for advice on how to be a failure or lose your family in NY.

Finally, not to be forgotten. The Steinbrenner legacy continues. Apparently the genes all got passed on, Hal obviously stands for “h”aving “a”lot of “l”egal-tender which is par-for-the-course for the cash-flush Yanks. Can’t fault them for spending what they have AND paying for so many have-nots not to spend (hello KC – you reinvest less than 50% of what you earn NOT including the money you pocket from the generous Yanks and their spendthrift ways)


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