Flying low agains the Caps

nyphillycombine bobby, as usual, forwarded along a critique of the Washington Capitals v. Philadelphia Flyers shootout the other day. Here’s the quick reply and some additional parting thoughts on the whole thing.

Bobby: eff bettman, eff the caps and eff the shootout… Flyers robbed themselves of that game… and that should have been a tie… not a fake win for you sir.

The Mouse: Calm down captain panic button. you know i’m not a fan of the shootout either… it’s more for the fans less for the sport, always has been, nothing gets people’s rocks off more than scoring and that’s what it’s designed to be, if you ask me, though, it’s leaving the game completely to chance and not to the well defined skills that normally make players great in a game setting. it’s a pointless skills competition that’s all about a couple of invididals and detracts from the wonderful team element that also makes up most of hockey.

Bobby: It’s so stupid… you’re right sir, a skills compettion… who shoots like that in a real game… and how does it mean the better team won… I miss the tie… i’d rather that then watching showboating for a point.

The Mouse: The better team did win this time Bobbert. I say, bring it back to being decided duirng the game and make the OT like this: five minute rest between periods, 4 on 4 overtime for the full 20 minute period, all penalties doubled in minutes and using the 2nd period goalie config so the teams have the odd shift change, basically, set it up so there will be a winner, and then, if necessary, after a five minute rest, do the half-peroid version then after a five minute break then the shootout and require it to be at least one player who was on the ice when the final whistle blew (this way no one is playing defense for the tie), how’s that sound?

Bobby: Oh that would definitely be interesting… Would definitely reduce the shoot out numbers and have it be teams winning… I might be ok… but seems too confusing… non-hockey fans are stupid, you know… and no sir, the Flyers didn’t win so the better team didn’t win!

The Mouse: So why are we catering to non-fans to begin with? BTW, in this case, just so you know, the Caps didn’t win, as much as the Flyers lost. It was a pretty evenly matched, well played, tight game in which there was no winner by right, it was a winner by accident. I guess that’s the way it goes, but it was anything but revenge or redemption for being ousted from the playoffs. Maybe, had it been a real win and not a SO win, you could draw some half-assed conclusion from it but really, it would come from the Caps reversing and ousting the Flyers next time… and with the way the East is shaping up that probably won’t be in the first round this year either.


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