the great mixtape dilemma

I often make mixes for people. It is part of my nature being a music geek and in-as-such, I take great pride in designing ones that mean something special to the recipient. For my dad’s birthday some months ago, I made him one that traversed our long music history together that spelled out a great birthday wish for him. On the CD I burned it to I wrote out the titles of the songs.

Some years ago, my dad and step-mom adopted a young girl from Russia. She’s a pre-teen these days and still learning the subtlities of how technology works. She’s a music person to, though, her desire for it is more a result of pop-culture and less that of the tech-savvy and musically trained background of her older brother. None-the-less, she loves to sing along with karaoke and she has a singing-machine at home.

When i went to visit her during the recent holiday, I heard she’d decided to embark on a rather unusual affair with her love of karaoke. She saw the comps I’ve made for my dad on CD-R, including that of the gift I recently gave him. She thought if she wrote the songs on the disc, the way I had handwritten the tracklisting, that the music would appear on the disc. Well, needless to say, that’s not how it works and she took a recent purchase of music my dad made and wrote on the CD expecting her wishes for music to appear the way the black CD had become the comp.

I would critisize her, except I well realize how much we all take for granted… I also well know, this isn’t the traditional conversational comeback, however, like many of my quips, this one needed to be documented. After all, how many of us don’t wish it was so easy to just get the song we want to sing along to at the time we want to sing along to it… As much as her choice of probably some Hanna Montana song it was doesn’t make me jump up and down for glee, the idea of another person needing music as a fix the way I do, makes me giggle none-the-less.

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