Goofy Goalie Games starring Christobal Huet

So, yesterday I was forwarded an interesting article by the Leather Daddy. It was information regarding a pending trade between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals with Mike Nylander. Stopping the trade, however, is the salary cap. The obvious place to make room for Nylander is to manipulate the crowded goalie situation. The question then becomes, who to retain, the re-bounding Nikolai Khabibulin or the slumping Cristobal Huet,with conventional wisdom being, if they move anyone it’ll be Khabby. The problem is, there are only a handful of teams in need of a goal, most with salary problems of there own, as well as a glut of potential goalies on the market. The Leather Daddy and have had many a conversation in regards to a number of late-last season and off-season moves that regard the Caps who are at the center of this mess and, of course, the irony is, Huet leaving the Caps for the Hawks is part of what created this mess in the first place.

My initial response was the following:

First, the rude comments:
1. It serves Huet right to be a benchwarmer after the shit he pulled in the off-season with the money, he gets two things, nothing and like it. There was no way he was going to perform the same this season the way he did down the stretch, it just doesn’t work that way. He’s overpaid, if he’s miserable being benched, good for him.
2. How is it Huet keeps getting in the middle of goalie controversy (w/ Price & and Habs, with Ollie and the Caps and now with Khabby in Chitown). Note to teams: stay away!
3. It sucks for ChiTown, but then again, when you get goalie greedy this is what happens, next time invest in a center you really needed in the first place.
4. If it takes Chi-town half a season to unload one of them that’ll be too soon and when they do whomever is stuck with Huet I hope he continues to choke and in the interim it eats away at Chicago’s short-term success.
5. it sucks for Nylander because yet again, his career is taking a hit by being a Cap. You know, had he not been such a disappointment the first time and spent most of his contract injured this time he might mean more to the franchise and they wouldn’t be trying to unload him.
6. The Caps made their own goalie problem by getting Huet in the first place and disenfranchising Kolzig. Theodore was obviously not the answer so far and there’s no real solution in sight without creating yet another set of issues back between the pipes.
7. Personally, if the caps get anything useful out of the trade is better be someone who can play defense, and I mean real defense not Mike Green / Tom Poti / Jeff Schultz style of hop onto the offense otherwise they aren’t doing themselves any favors in moving Neylander. Don’t get me wrong, I love brining back the Johannson, Iafrate, Gonchar type of D, but if they don’t figure out how to play some real D back there it’s going to continue being a shooting gallery no matter who’s between the pipes.
And, now… the rhetorical questions:
1. How happy have the Canadians got to be seeing how all their x-goalies are doing?
2. How much is Carey price thinking to himself, “God I hope my career looks more like Roy and less like Huet five years from now?”
3. How much is Ollie thinking to himself, “If I had only stayed around I’d be playing for a winning team…”
4. How much is Nylander thinking, “How do i keep bouncing between Chicago & Washington?!?
Finally, how’s this for a closing thought:
I dont’ even want to write right now about what the Lightening are thinking… maybe they’d like Nikki back in net? Wait, what, wait…image this: A three way trade – A Young tough guy on D and Ollie back to the Caps, Khabby back to the lightening, Nylander back to the Wings, and all the while the Habs can still giggle at the situation

did that cover everyone involved?

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