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In the fantasy league this year I had Tim Lincecum (NL Cy Young) and Cliff Lee (AL Cy Young; AL Comeback Player) and he just found out today 2B Dustin Pedroia won the AL MVP and a Silver Slugger. Other Silver Sluggers included Ryan Ludwick and Matt Holiday and a handful of players also win other minor awards. Let’s not forget though how I pulled together an All Star Roster avalanche with Cliff Lee, Dustin Pedroia, George Sherrill, Matt Holiday, Kerry Wood, Edison Volquez, Tim Lincecum and Ryan Ludwick to name a few I ended the season still with, plus Christian Guzman and Carlos Guillen both of whom were on his active roster for the ASG. Talk about cleaning up on good picks.

All this was amazing scouting in the first few weeks of the season after not being present for the live draft and completely turning over the majority of my original players to pick up this lineup.

Want to know the players I held the longest? Here’s a list and how they faired during their tenure with the lostlittlemice:
Starters with 100 innings or more
Tim Lincecum SP 17-4
Cliff Lee SP 19-3
Edison Volquez SP 15-5
Mark Burhle SP 10-6
Scott Baker SP 7-2
Bronson Arroyo SP 7-4
Jorge Campillo SP 6-6
Closers (I carried no middle relief)
George Sherrill CL 25 of 31; 2-5
Kerry Wood CL 21 of 23;3-3
Fransisco Cordaro 20 of 24; 2-3
Troy Percival 19 of 23; 2-1
Batters with 300 or more ABs:
Bengie Molina C 142/479; 42R 87RBI 15HR
Carlos Guillen 1B/3B/SS 91/311; 50R 41RBI
Jorge Cantu 1B/3B 103/382; 54R 58RBI 17HR
Garrett Atkins 1B/3B 88/323; 45R, 58RBI 11HR
Dustin Pedroia 2B 213/653; 118R 83RBI 17HR 20SB
Brian Roberts 2B 164/559; 96R, 50RBI; 37SB
Christian Guzman SS 92/300; 32R, 20RBI
Matt Holiday OF 172/532; 106R 88RBI 25HR, 28SB
Ryan Ludwick 91/301; 52R 60RBI 21HR
Jacoby Elsbury OF 71/299; 34R, 18RBI
however, it should be noted I closed the season with a late pickup of Orlando Cabrera SS 65/203; 26R 13 RBI 5HR and I started the season with an under-performing Torii Hunter who just missed the cut-off too with 65/240; 34R 31RBI 10SB

Now, what you should know, I didn’t win the league, hell, it was a points league, I wasn’t even close, but if I had that team in real life tell me that wouldn’t be a helluva dominate roster.

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