The Modern Day Saint – And Tomorrow We Will Have Nothing – Band Bio

The Modern Day Saint
…And Tomorrow We Will Have Nothing
Eyeball Records 2006

Taking the unusual and transforming it into something unilaterally understood is a difficult task. This reverse alchemy takes an introspective mind and an outgoing personality in order to bridge the gap from extraordinary circumstances to a vibrancy easy to relate to in its appeal. The Modern Day Saint have triumphed over such potential tragedy to bring forth an emotional outpouring worthy of such renaissance ideals.

Although the story begins in Western Mass. circa 2003, The Modern Day Saint’s current incarnation confronts the challenge of their own self being with the long awaited release of “…And Tomorrow We Will Have Nothing” by Eyeball Records in 2006. The haunting prophetic album title finds the band coming out of a nearly two-year long hiatus after its initial recording of the self-financed album with engineer Eric Arena at Zing Studios in Westfield, MA. The original lineup invested every cent and ounce of energy they had into creating a vast array of sonic textures and instrumentations to parallel the depth of the lyrics posed by guitarist Joe Urban. As Urban explains, “We wanted the album to be about the trials and tribulations of being in a band and finding a way to navigate through all the problems life throws you… It is about us, but it fits everyone in the way its put together because that’s life.”

Life itself took The Modern Day Saint to the extremes. “We took forever to record this album. We tracked it in fits and bursts over five months and personnel changes in the band made it onto the record,” tells Urban. The personnel changes did not just effect the studio either. From the Warped Tour to several self-booked east coast trecks over two years, the band worked to take their dream on the road and even when two members dropped out over the miles of touring one summer, the band itself persisted.

The biggest hurdle came November 19th 2004, when Dan Lang-Gunn, the band’s original vocalist, had an arrhythmia on stage. He is currently in a medical facility in Worcester, MA and God-willing will one day be the same. A year later, after thinking life over and leaving music, Adam DiMuzo and Urban decided to put the band back together. “It was just time, we both felt it. We didn’t finish what we wanted to and we wanted to get back into it, for ourselves and our friend.”

Enter Eyeball Records’ founder Alex Saavedra. The orchestration and passion of the original recordings caught more than his ear and he decided to help the band release their now overdue debut. The cycle became complete when the eleven tracks of “…And Tomorrow We Will Have Nothing” became something and The Modern Day Saint’s revamped lineup of Urban, Guitars and vocals; DiMuzio vocals and guitars; Ali Vahadji, drums; and Chris Simpson, bass and vocals began touring again as a four piece. According to Urban, “We could not be more excited to be doing this again. Life is a battle between who I am and who I want to be. Songs like ‘On My Stereo’ exemplify that. The fact that you have to accept yourself for who you are and this, The Modern Day Saint, is who we are.

And who they are is a captivating combination of post-hardcore aggression, pure rock and roll determination and emotional persistence that transcends the extraordinary to appeal to the ordinary in a way that mirrors life itself – be it on stage, in a class room or in the board room. “Anyone that has ever been in front of people knows that there is a moment where the lights come up, you are about to start and your mind starts racing. It is in these moments before I start playing that everything that I risked to be here; money, friends, family seems completely worth it,” tells Urban.

* A portion of the proceeds of the songs Lang-Gunn sang on will be donated to his recovery.

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