a Biblical rethink of the Record Company

Record companies are the cornerstone of the music business. The reality is record companies are the catalyst of the entire music business and much of what we currently consider entertainment: think about it, no records or no one banking on music they way we’ve known it for over fifty years means no touring, subtract agents, promoters, venues, etc. no merchandise including t-shirts / clothing, stickers / posters, etc., no instrument type endorsements and professional touring musicians in that regard, no soundtracks for movie / tv show / gaming and other a/v elements, no more ringtones / ringback tones / hold music / call whatevering songs, no more revenues from registering / utilizing / defending copyrights which are the highest producer of intellectual property income in the US, no more derivitives of the music industry including all of the mobile technology biting off the flounding music business, no more iPods and mobile technological devices assuming they would still sell if the marking dollars weren’t already there for their content, no more consumers receiving the benefits of over 250 years of North American music development post publishing company demise which was built on the smae ideals of the current industry resurgence only to assume it can be created and traded at a cost of under 99 cents per song. Yes, the music business is a fairly encompassing entity that is included in the commercialism that is our current existence… imagine it… but then again, the record industry created its own grave over the years too, take these seven deadly sins I’ll be elaborating on:

1. payola
2. irresponsible a&r
3. narrownesss
4. profiteering
5. consolidation
6. lack of technological embrace
7. lack of consumercentricism


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