18Visions Interview

*thats me, hehe

thanks for taking the time to do the interview over email, here’s what I have for questions
*no problem dude. thank YOU.

If you could pick one artist, who is not a metal contemporary of yours, to jam with who would it be and why?
*maybe jonny greenwood from radiohead just cuz it would crazy to jam with that dude and be like what’s going on in your brain right now. he has a really different and creative perspective on music. its tech and experimental but still with so much feeling behind it.

What would be the ultimate bill for your next tour if you could hit the road with any band from any time peroid?
*The Beatles (for obvious reasons)
Ludwig Van Beethoven (cuz how crazy would that be if you toured with him?)
MUSE (cuz theyre awesome)
Fiona Apple (so i could marry her)
Eighteen Visions

Fuckin’ weird tour huh?

Given the opportunity to define your future as a band any way you wanted, where would you want to be 30 years down the road? (Remember, the Beatles cut their first record on vinyl in 1963 and they ended up doing a digital recording with Lennon post-mortem in the 90s, so use your imagination.)
*i’m gonna approach this question how movies writers did when they thought of 30 years from now and exxagerate the advance of technology…so maybe like touring mars, teleporting from show to show, recording using my brain as an instrument, perhaps creating a very large mocrowave and traveling forward in time about ten years so we can do even cooler shit.

Southern California’s hardcore is gaining greater national status. What effect do you think it is having on music coming from the OC now as compared to when you first started?
*I’d like to think that Orange County is advocating more kids to attend shows, play instruments, and be in bands. Parts of the world always have their moment in the musical world as did Seattle, Boston, Nashville, Austin, etc. and im just hoping this is Orange County’s turn to have that buzz.

Nigel Tufnel (Spinal Tap) had an amp that went to eleven and drummers who were combustible to make him stand apart… What makes you, realistically or fantastically, different from everyone else doing the metal thing right now?
*we’re metal? maybe that question is actually what sets us apart from others. we’re in this weird realm of song writing where anything goes. we’re completely uninhibited to pull ideas from metal, rock, alternative, new wave, industrial, whatever works. our current producer Machine completely backs all those ideas and really nurtures us to take them even further.

Over the years Eighteen Visions has gone through a number of lineup adjustments and a couple of record labels? How much of that plays into your ever evolving sound?
*The line up changes definately has created road blocks by slowing us down every time we’ve had to teach someone all the songs; but in the long run has definately proven to aid the evolution of this band. Each time it incorporates new ideas, styles, stories and ability. Our newest addition to the line up is our drummer Trevor Friedrich who caused very little road block by learning the songs in 4 days before leaving on his first tour ever. We feel very confident about the current line up and hope its here to stay.

Every band has an influence or inspiration apart from other musicians, like the Wylde Stallions (Bill & Ted’s…) effect on world peace. What is the driving force behind your creative activity apart from just music?
*Its so hard to answer this question while being in recording mode cuz there is nothing else in my life except for music. theres no time really….Machine has us working 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week. I guess if anything i like cats.

If you could change one thing in the current scene what would it be and why?
It might be cool if it became a thing in the scene where when kids came to shows they threw candy on stage to show their appreciation. otherwise i think we have a pretty decent scene going on here.

If you weren’t doing the music thing now, what would life be like in your alternative non-music universe?
*i’d prolly be a teacher. if i had to guess for the other guys i would say mick would be a guitar tech for slayer, trevor would be an artist and wear those shitty beret hats but in black, keith would be on a ranch raising horses but then not selling them, and james would be in antarctica riding polar bears and swimming with seals.


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