Most Precious Blood

Most Precious Blood is did a live interview on 89.5 WSOU, Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio in South Orange, NJ. “How’d that happen?” you might ask. “Because of me,” I might reply.

I worked with WSOU since 1998, when I first joined the Syndicate to do radio promotion. I worked with Indecision since 1999 when the Syndicate was brought on board to help MIA Records with the promotion of Release the Cure. The record went Top Ten on the national hard rock charts and through that experience I became friends with the band and strengthen my ties with the station. Many years later, a rift formed between the station (well, more specifically, the sponsoring university which is a Jesuit Institution and moreso, the FCC license holder, which is the Archdiosies of Newark, NJ) and the band over what amounts to the politics of “religion” (we will use this loosely, it’s mostly over the band’s name as a religious reference and not actually about the band themselves on the surface). I stood by both sides as a fan of each, hoping for the chance to be a part of something special. Neither let me down over the years, with a million great memories, but none so much as this:

Two friends of mine (rancid Jen and Ralph the Hippie) helped bring together one of my all-time favorite radio stations (dating back to when I was a kid, and that’s a long friggin time) and one of the bands that helped make the “hardcore” (when Justin and Rachel were in Indecision and I am a fan of Most Precious Blood as well) for one incredible evening. Tonight, in history in the making, MPB did their first EVER interview on 89.5 fm WSOU here in their home market of NYC and I was there!

It was quite possibly, one of the coolest things I have been a part of. Seriously. And it couldn’t be between a nicer group of people. I’m psyched. You should be too. For the band. For the station. For the scene. In my ten years in music and eight years of doing promotion at the Syndicate, this is in my top three most memorable moments as a promoter and one of the things I am most proud of accomplishing.

I can’t begin to say why. Because Most Precious Blood are a tri-state band and I have a soft spot for the local scene. Because WSOU is a hometown station and I have a soft spot for my scene again. Because how impossible it seemed to make the two come together, and yet I’ve been there for all three records getting played. No, what it really is is pride. Pride, not in myself, but in the belief of both the “catholic faith” and the “hardcore idea” to understand “forgiveness” and to “work for the common good” – the mission of both, from differing perspectives. This wasn’t about beliefs, this was about friendships; it was about love for music. It was about the ideals of the “scene” be it hardcore or be it “religious pulpit.” It was about everything that got me into this in the first place.

I left the studios tonight with a smile. I parted ways, as a promoter, with WSOU and with Most Precious Blood having ended one incredible part of my career in entertainment. They might not be the “biggest” band” and it might not be the “biggest” radio station, but in my eyes and to my heart it was the “biggest” thing that happened and hopefully to all the listeners and all the fans, the broadcast meant something. I think it did. It did to me, a veteran who could be excited about a lot, but found this among the most impressive of all my accomplishments.

Thanks rancid Jen. Thanks Ralph the Hippie. Thanks Justin. Thanks Rachel. And thank you MPB! You all have no idea the send off you just gave me. I’m going to quit now before I get nostalgic. If you want to know the rest of the highlights maybe someday I’ll tell you if you ask nice.


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