Favorite Releases of 2005: oh five and musically alive

So, for a change of pace, I am going to switch up the way I list the top records of the year. It started as a playlist from old radio shows, it morphed into the past few years lists, and now, we’re here…which will last probably the next few years. This was my last year working in radio promotion / independent music marketing and it was a tough year of amazing releases to walk away from. I really need to spend more time developing this, but honestly, I’ve been preoccupied with the next step of my career and saying “goodbye” to so many of the radio stations, bands, label reps, etc. who were my surrogate family the last nearly 8 years.

If there were two records I played more, I’d be hard pressed to determine what they were, so the tie for the top spot:
Stretch Arm Strong Free at Last We Put Out
Demon Hunter the Tryptic Solid State

Absolutely gigantic melody on each so effortlessly offset by the heavier elements of each. There is a special place for DH as it is going down as my final #1 album in the annals of my promotional career. SAS are just really good friends who put out really touching music that’s helped me through a lot over the years and the album came out on a label I was personally involved with. If for no other reason, these are sentimental faves and for that, they get top billing.

Chimeria Chimeria Roadrunner
Nodes of Ranvier the Years to Come Facedown
A Life Once Lost Hunter Ferret
Soilwork Stabbing the Drama Nuclear Blast
Dark Tranquility Charactor Nuclear Blast
Fear My Thoughs Hell Sweet Hell Lifeforce
Shadows Fall the War Within Century Media

Another solid year on the thrash and death front. To be honest, a lot of the stalwarts I love put out basically good records but not fantastic ones comparred to their catalog (Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Shadows Fall, Fear My Thoughts). Upstarts A Life Once Lost and Nodes of Ranvier completely came into their own and Chimeria wrote a record that broke the post nu-metal mold they were still one foot involved with on previous efforts.

Becoming the Archetype Terminate Damnation Solid State
Byzantine and They Shall Take up Serpents Prosthetic
Between the Burried and Me Alaska Victory
the Number Twelve Looks Like You Nuclear.Sad.Nuclear Eyeball Records

The records were all head turners for me, I see so much potential in all of them and there’s so much I am still coming to appreciate about all of them. For most people the BTBAM probably comes as a surprise, it is for me too, but after seeing them live probably a dozen times I think it’s finally growing on me. I’m still picking a jaw up off the floor from BTA.

Emery the Question Solid State

the Unsane Bloodrun Relapse

Five years ago, the turn of the Millennium
Boysetsfire After the Eulogy Victory

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