Moving on Up

Change can be difficult to digest as familiarity breeds comfort. Disconnecting yourself from a familiar and comfortable situation is a process. It takes time to understand the need to move on, to experience new endeavors, embrace to challenges and to grow as an individual. Change is evolution and everyone eventually needs to evolve. It is part of the maturing process and is necessitated through time and circumstance. It is an ideal demonstrating one’s desire to improve their situation, be it from bad to good or good to better. To neglect change is to stagnate and wither in one’s complacency. To hinder is out of fear and a lack of self respect. To disengage from it demonstrates a lack of proactively and vision.

Affecting change is not easy. Nothing worth doing in life ever is. It requires, at times, a boldness, an irreverence and an exuberance for the unknown. Outcomes cannot be plotted. End results not planned. Expectations are only of one’s insatiable desire to be successful. The potential for failure exists regardless of change, however, success becomes bigger, brighter and more irresistible with the potential that comes from positive change.

For me, after eight years of radio promotion, my time at the Music Syndicate has come to an end. It is with a heavy heart I find making this change necessary, as my family at the Syndicate provided me with so many amazing opportunities and helped me grow up with so many amazing memories. However, after eight years, I could grow no more. After this past summer working with the Sounds of the Underground tour I accomplished everything I set out to do as a radio promoter at an independent firm. I experienced a lot in eight years. I met a lot of amazing people and grew with them, some as bands from being unsigned to being gold, some as industry friends who I knew since, believe it or not, their high school radio shows. In eight years, I did all I set out to do and I believe I did it very well and I definitely had a great time doing it, especially working with the many special individuals who were there over the eight years.

The next step is into the unknown. It is into the vastness of the entertainment world to use whatever skills I acquired and can convince someone else would be of benefit to them and their endeavors. I am about a year away from attaining my Masters in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Marketing and Organization Management. I have a legal background in Intellectual Property Law through a professional certification. My undergraduate was a Bachelors in Music, cum laude, with a dual major in Music Business and Percussion Performance and a minor in Business Administration. It is time to put all of this knowledge and my ten years in the music industry to good use in a new environment.

From here on out, the address is no more. There will be no more weekly calls about the freshest rock and roll to make ears bleed coming from me at the Music Syndicate. There is a lot that’s about to change. That’s just the first part.

I will still be in entertainment, and for those of you who have known me a long time, you know how to still reach me. If not, myspace is a great way for us to get to that point, drop me a line and I’ll hit you with my IM and home email. If you know of an open position in entertainment marketing and want to get me involved, please do let me know. Yes, I am soliciting for a new job on myspace. Hello, technology. My resume is on my personal website, if you want a formatted version I have it as a MS Word document as well.

Furthermore, my pen is still to the page of music as well. I will continue to freelance as a writer, more now than probably ever before. If you know anyone who needs a writer for bios, press releases, reviews, interviews, etc. drop me a line because I can certainly help out. I am also partnering with my friend who is a very talented entertainment photographer to combine our arts of pictures and prose as Argyle Archives.

If you have any questions, please do ask. What a long, strange trip its been. And, this change was inevitable, probably overdue and definitely necessary. If you read this far, you shouldn’t be surprised it took a diatribe just to say good bye. . . find me here, and there and everywhere including on my long used AIM and personal email addresses, via phone on my personal number, drop by the pub(s) where I hang out for a little in person networking and be on the lookout for me to turn up like a bad penny on you very soon.


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