Trivium – promo jacket bio – Ember to Inferno

Eloquence in Medieval idealism was defined through the Trivium. The three basic liberal arts of grammar, logic and rhetoric once combine to give grace and credibility to those who sought to rise above in society. Transcending this conceptual dynamic the trio from Florida are leading the modern charge and in turn redefine their own name in modern linguistics through music. By combining the elements of traditional American thrash and death metal with that of the now fledging European scene and the resurgence of metalcore, Trivium are the musical equivalent of modern eloquence. Do not be fooled however, as Trivium are anything but prim and proper. They possess an abrasive edge as a power trio, brimming with technical proficiency, turbulent dynamics, and a metallic prowess. Trivium are poised to forge their own place in the metal community and rise above the high expectations set on their self-titled demo with their debut offering on Lifeforce records entitled “Ember to Inferno.” The refinement of their sound and focus of their writing sets a tone which more than encompasses the shades of meaning hinted at in the album title. The move like a musical leviathan from melody to abrasion as if sparks rise from a smolder to a flame. So be forewarned, if you are ready for an education in musical eloquence, metal style, Trivium will burn you three-fold in your metallic education.


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