Beyond the Embrace: Against the Elements

Beyond the Embrace
Against the Elements

Beyond any element of expectation that American metal might be outdated, Beyond the Embrace harken back to the bygone era of true-to-form progressive thrash while carving their own niche against the grain of new millennium metal.

BTE’s MetalBlade record’s debut has the feel sonically of a glorified demo tape while comprised of ten tracks of musical excellence, which effectively combine the elements of old school speed metal and the modern melodic death metal with some groove metal ideal with a dash of proto- progressive musicianship. In just a matter of the first three cuts alone, one can experience the full breath of potential BTE have to offer.

It is not just biting off the bone of either the Gothenburg, Sweden metal scene or the elder statesmen from the Bay Area metal which makes BTE notable. It is the simple fact that they have embellished, quite successfully mind you, on both concepts to create something that is as much akin to the new-school of underground extremity embodied by the current New England scene as it is uniquely their own orientation of originality.

The instrumental dynamics find the band moving from quiet, classically inspired, acoustic passages to blisteringly bombastic, technically proficient passages in one sweeping stride and setting up blazingly caustic chaos capable of melting into memorably melodic metallic passages.

Vocally, the contrast is equally as impressive, with aural imagery from eating-glass guttural girth to a more rock radio friendly serenade. As a matter of fact, the overall execution on the first three tracks alone, paired with the masterful writing and musicianship underneath, fully demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt Shawn Gallagher’s potential.

The downside to the MetalBlade record’s debut is the lack of production overall, as some of the levels feel a tad unbalanced and devoid of the sonic wash necessary to really move speaker cones. However, the ideas more that carry through the near demo quality recording.

Battle against all the elements of psuedo-metal musicianship and embrace the beginning of BTE’s career as they look to establish themselves among the new wave of American metal mavens.


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