Arch Enemy: Waging war against more than Sin

Arch Enemy Wage of Sin AmazonArch Enemy
the Wage of Sin
Century Media

As if Sweden’s Arch Enemy had not already secured themselves a place on the extreme music map, they now add to their allure. They have done more than just revamp their line up and crank up their sound, they have brought in a newfound appeal.

Introducing Angela Gossow! She is in possession of one of the most brutally astonishing sets of lungs a human being could hope to drain into a microphone and she unleashing their unwavering cyclone of a scream unto the metal world on Wages of Sin. Yes, she, a woman, who puts most frontmen to shame both vocally and with an overwhelming presence so grand it will easily make you overlook the sex appeal, is the single most
notable aspect of this release.

The American re-issue of Wages of Sin not only contains the original work of metallic art but a second “bonus” disc of previously unreleased/rare songs and footage from the band’s illustrious past (with their previous vocalist and lineup). The companion disc makes the set a perfect bridge from their roots into their future musical endeavors.

Lest us now forget the founding genius behind AE to begin with, the axeman extraodinaire Michael Amott. With his latest set of compositions he has taken the stereotypical”melodic” death metal ideal to a new extreme and fully utilizes Glassow’s approach to aural assassination.

The new material opens with an element of progressive writing before melting into the blazing riffage that Arch Enemy have staked their career on. From there on out though, the album almost becomes a predictable redundancy. It is not quite unidimensional in nature, despite the consistent high tempos and melodic guitar lines offset by the most guttural of vocal assaults. There is a tremendous technical prowess in the writing that combines each member’s individual talents in a way which possesses a memorable appeal even for the most .

However, after twelve tracks there does get to be a little bit too much repetition and generic simplicity for the genre, leaving the effort feeling somewhat flat. None-the-less, with the adrenaline (and hormones) raging Arch Enemy create an undeniable magnetism for their extreme interpretation of melodic structure and are setting a new tone in the burgeoning Swedish death metal scene and expand the “melodic” range of the band as they hone in their sound.


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