All That Remains: ATR is Sonic Solitude

All that Remains Behind Silence & SolitudeAll that Remains
Behind Silence & Solitude
Prosthetic Records

All that initially remained for Philip LaBonte after his departure from the fledging Shadows Fall was to reroute his emotional outlook to a new, more focused brutal effort. The end result was a creature so fierce that it rises to the forefront beyond the personal, internal barriers of silence and solitude demanding the attention and respect it rightfully deserves.

The debut effort from New England’s All that Remains was more than three years in the making when the demos finally found the light of day through metal’s up-and-coming A&R source, Prosthetic Records. Tapping equal parts Scandinavian melodic death metal, American progressive thrash and the N.E. sceene’s stomp influenced hardcore, All That Remains took the best of all worlds in heavy music to create a debut effort so powerful that it is hard to overlook.

Take note, All That Remains are more than a spin-off from an already successful entity, nor rip-off artists of a new-metal sytle, the quintet tred on a metallic musical source all their own, combining soaring harmonized guitar lines with over-the-top stylistic solos for a foundation of Philip’s militaristic, barking vocals to create their own variation of the new school of American metal.

The eight tracks on the debut full-length are a long overdue in making their impact on the metal world, but anything less than feeling dated despite the time between their creation and release or anything more than a glorified demo version of the potential brilliance yet to come.

The hints of dynamics that lie within ATR’s musical preview are enough to whet the whistle of fans stilling longing for the long lost, fist-in-the-air, adrenaline fueled, moshable days of American thrash while still leaving the door of the imagination open to what is still yet to come from Phil and company.

By no means can one ignore the musicality encompassed at Behind Silence… as the vocal bark sets up the breakdowns with a berating beauty and the twin lead guitars sonic slaughter is So climb above the silence to the musical solitude of the North East’s latest offering and find out why all that remains once you find the height of the musical mountain is Massachusetts’ All That Remains.


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