Downset: Check your notions at the door

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Check Your People

Check all previous notions of rap-core at the door, for the SoCal socio-political lyrical assailents have come to re-claim the genre they once helped found with an awe-inspiring effort that re-maps the urban-metallic landscape as a D.M.Z. On their third effort and Epitaph records debut, LACA’s Downset return proving they not only speak a living, vibrant language of metallic riffage, punk ideas and urban agression, they define a new ideal for all three. Based in a hardcore foundation of driven, sonic affliction and true urban diversity Downset pervey both in a tell-all, true-to-form exploration of not only the self, but the world around them as a whole. With enough personal angst and emotional trauma to rival the SouthWests tectonic plate movement, the quintet seek to set to music the inspiring ideal that there can never be true bliss in ignorance. Frontman Rey Oropeza and company have come to terms with their own personal trials and tribulations in order to perpetuate urban agression with a positive and thought provoking message of unity and awareness. Leading the charge is a thick, groove laiden bottom end, complete with churning, angst-cleansing breakdowns paired against an up-front, anthem-laiden guitar leads which are continually tredged upon by the lyrical assault of Oropeza. This three way adaption of styles results in memorable chorus, catchy hooks and stomping passages that appeal to both nu-skool ideals and old-school street smarts. It is by way of this crossover between the ever-popular rap-core genre and the more traditional urban-laced hardcore that Downset originally made thier mark and have continued to be one of the best-kept secrets in the scene, having influenced everyone including co-founders Rage Against the Machine. It never means as much as it does right now, so take heed, for Downset have you in thier sites for this urban-enlightenment assault on the inner-self and plan on taking no prisoners with their sound.


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