A Perfect Circle: an oceans of lushness, A Perfect look into the Soul

A Perfect Circle Mer De Noms Amazona Perfect Circle
Mer de Noms

The less complex, more texture orientated, self-proclaimed feminine aspiration of musical ideals, A Perfect Circle represents the alter-ego of Tool vocalist and spokesperson for the abused inner-self, Maynard James Keenan. APC is a venture into the depths of the psyche-via the less aggressive, yet still angst-driven side of Keenan. As a whole, Mer de Noms works to expose those sonic ideals which had yet to be brought to the forefront by the now idle prog-emo-alterna-metal outfit, Tool, allowing Keenan a pastoral canvas on which to explore them fully and expand upon his melodic inflections in a purely emotional facet. Rather than in part be dominated by an overwhelming musical prowess, the underlying bed of music accentuates the vocal lines rather than driving them throughout the song. Crafted around brilliant, emotionally driven melodies and paired against tasteful inflections of simple yet harmonically diverse deliveries, APC’s songs touch the heart and expose a

range of emotions based around the song structures themselves as well as the lyrical content. The images emitted by both the musical approach and the poetic words touch from the depths of the soul all the way through to the conscious mind. The overall musical concept is very moody, not necessarily dark and eerie, but rather a variance between the joys and pains of `love,’ or possibly alternately interpreted as the emotional struggle between idealism and reality. It has that romantic idea which drive the APC creation throughout the twelve song excursion. Often undulating between gripping highs and mysterious lows, Mer de Noms moves dramatically through the range of dynamics seemingly effortlessly envoking Keenan’s passionate wails as the crowning achievement of their sound. It is time for you to get in touch with the other side of your listening personality and join A Perfect Circle in their melodic excursion into the depths of the inner-self.


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