Nothingface: and let the Violence Begin

Nothingface Voilence AmazonNothingface

If you are going to name your album Violence you had better be able to create musical evil abrasive enough to live up to the title. Like a ravaging beast unleashed upon an unsuspecting music community the WDC metalcore sons return with a slab of angst driven mayhem so pummeling it more than lives up to its namesake. The riffs, lyrics, grooves, production, and emotional expressionism go well beyond the implications of the album title on Nothingface’s third effort and TVT records debut.

Building on the aggression and anger that plagued their previous DCide records releases, although at times seeming like the B-sides to their previous best kept secrets, Violence features what have made the quartet a staple in the mid-Atlantic scene. Shifty vocals showcase an emotional wail paired against a grieving growl so gutturally distraught one can’t help but wonder about vocalist Matt Holt’s upbringing, especially considering the more-than-mature lyrical content. Then layer in the complex, riff-laiden sonic assault of guitarist and co-writer Tom Maxwell and the near poly-rhythmic bottom end and the sacrificial offering begins. Ripping into the carcass of pop-metal’s nu-school animal with a fierce and focused metalcore delivery, Nothingface fuse the bounds of hardcore, metal and emo in a memorable package of melancholic melodies, veracious breakdowns and enough hooks in one song to fill some bands albums. Make no bones about it, Nothingface’s brand of ECMC is an onslaught of sickening pain so inviting one can’t help but take a taste and will never walk away from the violent after- effects feeling quite the same. So if you are ready to face the evil inside of you than allow the Violence to ensue with Nothingface before you cower in the wake of their finally unleashed to the masses metallic rage.


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