Drowningman: let the machine kill the rock & roll

Drowningman Rock & Roll Killing Machine AmazonDrowningman
Rock & Roll Killing Machine

The effects of the machine are widespread as the techni-core musical assassins return to re-arrange the word’s rock and roll into a demented creation of near psychotic explanation. The New England natives, Drowningman, return on their sophomore release with enough disrespect for musical conventionalism to re-write the book on “noise-core” in the North-East. Take leave of your expectations for there is no easy explanation of Drowningman except in that they do something you have only heard in the transient echoes and fading tones of your mind. With descriptive song titles that only begin to shed light on the musical mayhem that ensues, the quartet re-arrange layered concepts and redefine metallic fed angst with a blurry nine song narration of post-hypnotic suggestion. Each track is a passing phase in the growing explanation of a demented reality that attempts to define modern anxiety. Upon first listen, the aural chaos that ensues might seem nearly a blur uncontrolled instrumentation but upon further inspection each listen unveils another unique texture and musical colouration. It is as if through the confusion is born beauty and the distress gives way to singularly unique variation of peace. The wash of deliveries is broad and intimidating with enough sonic girth to shatter glass and shift bowls simultaneously. Relentless through the entire album, Drowningman attack at the very soul of musical bystanders with gritty, probing stabs of musical aggression. Grainy at times through the production, …Killing Machine defines a less spastic variation of the more established jazz-meets-hardcore-meets-chaos pattern of noise from the Mid-Atlantic. Allow yourself to become familiar with the musical schism that is Drowningman or fall prey to the mechanical musical endeavor they have unleashed upon the unsuspecting ears of millions of rock’s candy clad clichés.


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