VAST: audio theater of the mind

VAST visual audio sensory theater AmazonVAST
Visual Audio Sensory Theater

Just as the acronym of the name implies VAST is Visual Audio Sensory Theater in the literal meaning of the words. Visually stimulating presence (in the subconscience) through the audio acrobatics that attack all five senses with an acrobatic theatric ordeal is the ultimate goal of this ambitious musical excursion. Swirling aural textures built out of an array of samples and instrumentation sets the tone for creator/ master-mind Jon Crosby’s journey into religious and musical experimentation. The pathway to inner enlightenment begins with the creative layering of synthesized noise and continues onward with a focused, and yet curiously avant garde ideal. Overall, the debut is a powerfully impressionistic work filled with hauntingly beautiful melodies and atmospheric passages of near musical bliss. To attempt pegging VAST as progressive rock meets pop-industrial might be an understatement of the creative nature of the experience. The orchestral passages and chants add to the gothic nature of the sound, while the driving rhythms edge on tribal when added to the fold. Crosby’s voice exhudes pain and power simultaneously with hints of commercial rock overshadowed by the emotional outbreak of his cries. The ethereal ambiance displayed through the self-titled release is a testament to musical creativity when one considers the strength of the songwriting overall. Each piece flows with a deliberate force and a driving personality, yet is spiritually encompassing and almost amebic. The entire album is bi-polar, undulating from flighty highs to dreary lows. It’s schizophrenic, encompassing opposite extremes simultaneously without a hint of inhibition. It embraces entirely the full range of emotions with musical integrity so strong it could be dissected by college professors and still not be comprehended completely. Enter into the Vast range of musical ideas evoked on the self-titled debut and become Touched by the Flames of Crosby’s world.


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