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Confronting the digital world and the next generation head on with their latest proto-industrial slab of mayhem, Pitchshifter return to open eyes and minds as one does more than just log onto the aural experience of www. pitchshifter. com. Building on the audio circuitry they laid by previous efforts and ever expanding like a self-replicating virus, Pitchshifter take the world in a digital storm. Melding the sounds of traditional industrial experience with a more focused rock approach, the quartet create memorable songs inside the guise of sesinct, driving rhythms. Highly processed, crunching guitars are paired against dominating beats and an ocean of sampled sounds. The grooves this approach creates manipulates the body, enticing bouncing to the beat transformed into slamming, dancing bodies. Layer into the program established already the array of vocal deliveries from J.S. Clayden and the thrust of the Pitchshifter experience is felt. The depth of Clayden’s vocals in the mix this time around are enough to carry the songs without the underbelly of musical strength. Together, however, it’s impressive the way the energy and synergy come together between the individual parts captured on the disc. Beyond the bounds of the music on www. pitchshifter. com is the political stance it achieves. The socio-politically inspired lyrics delve into the minds of modern society and challenge the listener to appreciate the need for self-realization and individual expression. The lines are simple and catchy, accentuated by repetition and melody, drawing the listener in without reservation. Devoid of any inhibition in their musical articulation the British quartet teamed up with knob-twister Machine to create the driving dynamics and slamming beats that are the foundation of Pitchshifter’s sound. Connect yourself into the realm of Pitchshifter before the technology advances without you and your are left inexperienced and alone in a corner.


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