Savatage: Sail the Wake of Progressive

Savatage the Wake of Magellan AmazonSavatage
the Wake of Magellan

Rising in the swells of musical expression and undulating like the conceptual waves they have created Tampa, Florida’s power metal turned progressive regime, Savatage, return with an over hour long journey on the high seas of musical fantasy. The Wake of Magellan follows the sorted tales of a long-lost descendant of the explorer Magellan and through his struggles we learn about the preciousness of life and honestly as he discovers his own reason for being. The complex foundation of the story was created by long time producer, friend (and TSO co-founder) Paul O’Neil and elaborated upon by Savatage. Building further on the split lead vocal articulations of Dead Winter Dead by screamer- founder Jon Oliva and 90’s frontman addition Zack Stevens, the now officially six piece Savatage undertake a vocal excursion with a pallet of aural colours only limited by their own imaginations. Beyond the duet approach of Oliva and Stevens to tell the story, the band itself forms a choir of sorts, laying down chordal harmonies, counterpoint and classically inspired deliveries helping to convey the lyrical expressions. As with previous Savatage undertakings and the band’s orchestral side-project TSO, …Magellan is also built upon dynamic and inspiring musicianship. Each member not only caries the solo weight of his instrument, but the combine task of performing inside the bounds of the ensemble helping to paint aural pictures to help the lyrics move like waves

against a shoreline. Stunning passages of shear musicianship are orchestrated by dual lead guitar lines, piano interludes and a strong percussive bottom end. Each instrument lends an additional voice allowing the story to flow with dynamic musical interpretation to accentuate the lyrical content. Although driven by the pastoral images of guitar and keyboards, they bottom end of the rhythm section is as dominate as ever, with a progressive feel reminiscent of the powerhouses of the late 70’s scene. Sail away into the undulating experience of Savatage as they redefine their own existence, straddling the wake of melodic thrash and progressive dominance while still maintaining the accessibility of their true rock heritage.


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