Mindset: a bullet for melody’s ear candy

Mindset A Bullet For CinderellaMindset
A Bullet for Cinderella

Lining up the crosshairs on their new sound and taking aim on the candy-ass ideals of the popular music world, Virginia’s Mindset attempt to bring the definative end to the fairtale world of new school metal bands. A loaded chamber of solid bottom-end grooves, aggressive and driving guitar lines, sing along vocal melodies and raw, real-world inspired lyrics spin in the chamber of a musical game of Russian roulette. Which of the many forces that make up Mindset will hit you next is unknown, but it is a fact that every last one will be fired on the thirteen song barrage is a guarentee. The quartet have followed up their less-than-inspired self-titled debut with an explosive Bullet For Cinderella. The songs are raw and unappreshensive in nature, the lyrics are real world and emotionally drive and the musicianship encompasses ability and finesse in an uncompromising fassion. Minset are of the idea that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right and having the memory leave a lasting impression, and for that they lack not a single explosive round in twleve solo attempts. Add in a cameo appearance from the pipes of Matt Holt (Nothingface) on “Die Ricki, Die” and a silver bullet new enters the camber. With producer and long time friend Drew Mazurek’s (Nothingface) crystal-clear knob-turning there just is no escaping the impending doom for those Cinderella bands of pop-culture. Mindset prove beyond the shadow in a lone alleyway that melody can hold angst and there is still aggression in catchy hooks. There is only one way to dodge the bullet that Mindset have fired upon the unsuspecting metal-inspired commerical rock scene currently infesting the airwaves and that is to takeup ballet dancing in a fairy-tale.


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