Ignite: a place called the intellectual moshpit

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A Place Called Home

Burning down the stereo-type that a SoCal punk band has to sellout to the whims of a fickle, corporate radio vibe and a chorus ofteeny-bopper chants in order to claim success, Ignite set fire to hearts and minds with an OCHC offering every fan will call home. Every bit of punk inspired hardcore energy that bled forth on the now landmark Call On My Brothers (Revelation Records) shines forth on Ignite’s TVT debut with a new breath. Continuing to stake a claim on the marred socio-political landscape surrounding them, Ignite beckon education and understanding, bringing to light controversies both past and present with a very personal tilt. Building on the socially conscious stand they take lyrically, Ignite express their opinions with an aggressive hardcore edge that is as up front and straight forward musically as the lyrics it embraces. Zoli’s shrill punk-inspired emotional wails melt into memorable sing-along melodies and are supported with chant along choruses built around the point-along ritual of hardcore excitement. Layer under that driving double-time explosions that fall off into weighty breakdowns inspiring slamming bodies and old-school circle pits. However, the polished and almost over-produced sound on A Place Called Home belts the listener with shimmering choruses, ultra-crisp guitar riffs and thick, nearly mechanical breakdowns that could be construed as sterile to those used to the more emotionally strained variations of the genre. That is not to say that Ignite are devoid of any inspiration. On the contrary, the fuller production allows the band to develop the strength of their writing with songs which echo in the ear beyond the scope of the CD. Come to this place burning with educational desires and explosive expressions called Ignite and light the home fires before you get burned by the pop-inspired, socio-political void closing in on your musical being.


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