Iron Maiden: a Brave New Millenium of Maiden

Iron Maiden Brave New World AmazonWhat better way to celebrate Independence Day than with the British band that made me metal?!
Iron Maiden
Brave New World

Embarking upon the new world of the year 2000 and rising forth from the fallen monster of the 80s thrash and mainstream metal scenes, one the origional titans of metal has risen from the grave to reclaim its place on high with legions insighting the chant “Eddie Lives!” And holy Shite, does he ever…THE legend is true, THE leviathan has returned and THE Iron Maiden is here…SO, scream for me, world! After nearly a decade of sub-par albums and mediocre expressions of melodic thrash onslaught, the originators of the sound and purveyors of the NWOBHM regime return to redefine the genre. With a multi-guitar assimilation that sets a new standard for writing and performance well into the next millennium Iron Maiden set an entirely new tone for metal, overall. Marking the return of fret-master Adrian Smith and the golden pipes of Bruce Dickinson to the legendary line-up, “Brave New World” embarks on a musical journey of aural illumination of gargantuan proportions. Easily comparable to the “Piece of Mind” through “Seventh Son…” era in the 80s, the nearly 70 minute epic features an array of binding of hooks, sing-along melodies, unconventional harmonies, progressive song-structures and rhythms that are both hauntingly familiar, yet breath-takingly fresh in sound. The mind of founder and bassist Steve Harris runs amock with proto-typical Maiden-esque patterns transversed by the individual writing genius of the other five members in an intimidating conglomeration of galloping staccato riffs, multi-dimensional melodies and dynamically progressive songs. Never once lying back on the nearly 25 year dynasty that Maiden has incurred, Brave New World enters a realm of bold and innovative performance. This titan is a force to be reckoned with, envoking a triple lead guitar, sunning vocal gymnastics and undulating dynamics in structure set forth to punish the re-awakening of the old-school scene dearly for their blasphemy. Become one with the brave new metal world you are about to embark upon for fall prey to the dynamic beast that is known forever and now for always as THE Iron Maiden.


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