Neurosis: Times of grinding ambiant beauty

Neurosis Time of Grace AmazonNeurosis
Times of Grace

The time for a mysterious, spiritual musical journey is upon us. An aural experience in visiting the inner realms of our minds not often sought by the meek or timid of a species is where the journey begins and with Neurosis as our guide we embark. Weaving in and out of the transients of their semi-tonal creations, Neurosis take a tour in the universe of sound, well beyond the realm of traditional musical concepts, without the slightest hint of reservation. The dark beauty of Neurosis’ “vibe” is founded in the balance of their grinding, hypnotic drone and the expression of an atmospheric, avant-garde ideal. Layering the rich textures of world-culture lineage (woodwinds, percussion, keyboards and sampling, bagpipes, etc.) with the more traditional forum of a rock ensemble, Neurosis embark on a complex musical journey. Barely audible at times and humblingly dense for others the soundscape washes over ears like waves caressing a shoreline. Continuously eroding away at conventional musical wisdom with a seemingly blasphemic stance yet possessing a kind of ethereal allure Neurosis bride a chasm between tasteful experimentation and unpalatable noise. The result is well beyond the bounds of musical as an art. The gut wrenching sledge and innovatively psychedelic nature of the 66 minute epic, Times of Grace, is only heightened when one adds the devastatingly evil alter-ego, Tribes of Neurot, to the fold. Paired with its sister release, Grace, the overall ambient art and weighty musical aggression offer a kaleidoscope of metallic ambiguity and stretch the musical bounds even further. Both releases can stand alone, but together are an overwhelming experience. Taking the nature of progressive musicality in an entirely new and unexplored direction, Neurosis transcend the bounds of being a metal band, yet possess the angst, girth and volume that the metal world thrives upon. Experiment with them and enter your own time of grace.


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