Nothingface: An audio guide to shear emotional musicality

Nothinface Everyday Atrocity AmazonNothinface
An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity

Are you ready to take an audio tour of your deepest, darkest, most painful aural experiences and allow yourself to be hurled into the extremes of emotional, musical expression with Nothingface? You had better be if you intend on experiencing the full breath of …Everyday Atrocity. Hailing from the backstreets of Washington DC’s socio-polotical wasteland the quartet’s assault on the senses comes from every angle with lyrics only matched by the musical aggression emanating forth from with each member. Lying in a middle ground between mid-Atlantic hardcore and American thrash, the nearly hour long onslaught of Tom Maxwell’s frantic guitar riffs is continually treaded upon by the angst of Matt Holsts’s schizophrenic vocals. With an underbelly made up of wandering, counterpoint basslines and drumming bordering on polyrhythmic, Nothingface are a lethal combination of undulating musical aggression. The lullaby inspired beauty of the melodies is often crashed like an overturned crib by the utter violence of Holsts’ guttural wails and mirrored with stunning turns in musical direction by the rest of Nothingface. This effectively takes the listener to parts of their mind, body and soul they only experience in the nightmare of the psyche throughout the band’s sophomore effort. …Everyday Atrocity is about confronting demons within. It is the soundtrack for internal emotional animosity, paralleled as if one were to score the stunning beauty and utter violence of a volcanic eruption. Bursting at the seams with intense emotional drama lyrics and expressive musical ideals, this is a mini-epic of scathing dynamics, bi-polar execution, driving riffs, technical performance and unadorned physical and psychological pain. Be prepared, for Nothingface are not for the week of heart or mind and …Everyday Atrocity easily lives up its title, taking all around it on a tour deep into the turmoil of the mind and spirit and commanding unabridged aural control.


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