Pantera: Reinventing themselves

Pantera Reinventing the SteelPantera
Reinventing the Steel

Reinventing thier own metallic onslaught, the titans of the modern American metal return after four years of near silence with the new slab of southern inspired angst that does more than proclaim that the trend is dead. This time the quartet prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Pantera are back in full force with pure metal running like a double shot of adrenaline through their viens. The patented whiskey fueled guitar squeals, pounding double-bass authority and gritty smoke filled lungs are only the beginning of the power that fuels the beast. Add back in the classic hooks and scream along, fist-in-the-air chorus’ that made VDP and FBD instant classics as well as fuller, thicker production and sonic approach and the moster has still only begun to have risen. It is not as if anyone expected anything less after a decade of dominace. What makes RTS special to fans of heavy music is the groups continued inability to do anything other than what they do best. Led by the always outspoken Phil Anselmo, Pantera once again unleash unbridaled aggression with an unadultered delivery for over an hour straight of straight-up adrenaline shots. While not necessarily the most musically complex of bands, the emotional strain and pure aural assault generated by Pantera are guanenteed to bleed the earlobes of the week and send legons of immitators running cover. It is all about well crafted, stomp-along riffs and songs you want to sweat to in a mosh pit to again and again and again with your fist in the air, metal horns held high, screaming out the words until well beyond larengitis kicking in and every last bit of anger has escaped even if it is cheese and predictable and almost cliche at times. Reinvent your addiction for heavy music with the thundering dominance of Pantera as they stake their claim to the top the the metallic pile and join the legons who have alread grasped the proclimation that the trend really is dead and the titan of heavy metal is alive and well.


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