Stuck Mojo: THE decelartion of Nu-Skool (cluck cluck cluck)

Stuck Mojo Declaration of a Headhunter AmazonStuck Mojo
Declaration of a Headhunter
Century Media

THE declaration of nu-metal aggression comes forth, rising from the south in the monster of BBQ’s, NASCAR, Wrestling and good ol’ down home fun. This is not your stero-typical SoCal rap-influenced-rock being laid down, this is STUCK MOJO. Instantly the Mojo family belts the listener with catchy guitar hooks, percussive blasts and dominating grooves. It is everything any nu-skool kid wants and long time Mojo fan needs to hear. What sets Declaration… apart from previous Mojo offernings, and every other mainstream metal release this year, is the new take on Mojo’s dynamic vocal stylings. Frontman Bonz delivers his patented rap-core stance with precision and aggression in rare form, but the songs are more accentuated by the melodic inflections Mojo experimented with recently. New basist Dan Dryden’s dry, yet distinctly melodic vocal approach counters Bonz’ poetic bantering and is then offset by guitarist Rich Ward’s throaty growls. A triple threat of vocal deliveries that are as infectous as the grooves they layer over. Driving the Mojo sound beyond the trinity of voices is the overall crafting of the songs. Intigrating three voices into memorable tunes is a difficult task, but every catchy melody is matched by an equally impressive guitar lick and moshable underbelly. An interesting addition to the Mojo stance is the intersperced socio-polotical comentaries throughout the album. Both lyrically in the songs and in seperate passages of decleration between songs Mojo takes a definative irreverance for the norm and encourages individual education and responcibility for the current trends in society. The end result are infectous, sociologically concious and devistatingly agressive songs that are as hard hitting to the soul as they are to the mind. Mojo have declared war on the passive, booty-inspired pop-metal outfits around them in a no-holds-barred match up of technical ability and inspirational songwriting that will decisively land them on top. If you are ready to play in the big ring than join in the Delaration… of aggression and education that is Stuck Mojo and help leads the next generation of pop-metal stars to thier grave.


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