Project 86: drawing a black line in the SoCal asphault

Project 86 Drawing Black Lines AmazonProject 86
Drawing Black Lines
BEC Atlantic

Orange County, California… about as musically dynamic as any county in America could claim to be, but as generic and stagnent as sewer puddle come a mid-summer drought. Yet, through all the now stereo-typical, pop-metal sludge one of the metropolis’ metalcore experiments has grown, Project 86. Providing a breath of fresh air in a wave of redundant SoCal, summer influenced phenoms and generic sounding “rap-core” outfits, Project 86 is poised to prove that just being from a geographical location does not mean you envelop the scene. This quartet is thier own musical projection of reality and are drawing a black line on the LACA asphault for which they silently dare any nu-skool outfit to cross. Building on the foundation laid on thier self-titled debut (bec-11, 74112-7) Project 86 inject familiar modern-metalcore influenced the rhythms, schizo-vocal interplay and progressive harmonic natures into their own approach and outlook to obtain the unique. The end result is a truly origional identity, encompassing the inspiration of thier predecessors while possessing a familair, yet refreshing combination of hardcore, punk, metal and nu-school agresssion. This is a delivery which allows for the Project to educate the masses in their own individual way while maintaining the familiar in a balance of technical ability, strong song-writing and metallic aggression. Produced by underground-turned-mainstream mainstay GGGarth, the Project’s sound has all the ellements a nu-skool kid yerns but can never find in the uninspired legions of medocre pop-metal and further defines the neveau-hardcore vibe that the Project have strived for over the past three years of touring. The line Project 86 have drawn is decisively bold, musically beautiful and dares the listener to embrase their inner being in ways they have never imagined possible in aggressive music. This is soul searching angst leaning toward musicial enlightenment as only Project 86 present it and it is high time you considered where you will cross the line.


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