Cephalic Carnage: exploiting a gaping head wound

Cephalic Carnage Exploiting Dysfunction AmazonCephalic Carnage
Exploiting Dysfunction

The gaping head wound left after experiencing the aural outburst that is Cephalic Carnage defines not only that the Denver, Colorado quintet is Exploiting Dysfunction, they are taking horrific musical advantage of a great deal of other elements as well. This is brain hemoraging expressionism that effectively melds the grime of the NOLA sound with the technical asperations of the East Coast’s noisecore scene in over an hour long implosion of precise musical aggression. Grinding down the barriers imposed by traditional musical defination, the intense barrage of semi-controlled articulation rings forth as chaos being redefined in Cephalic’s own terms. It is this intencity of extremes that truly exploit musical dysfunction. Lenzig’s gutteral attack on the sences delivers the caustic tales of sub-urban America from a subliminal reference point. Touching on everything from the plight of the middle-American trailer-park life, to the mysteries of extra-terrestrial existance, to the multiple uses of controled substances Cephalic blast the comformity of society and expose the utter dysfunction that is normalicy in an inpressionistic musical style. Produced by Keith Falgout (Crowbar, Acid Bath, Soilent Green) Exploiting Dsyfunction weilds the weight of deafening guitars and bombastic percussion with mathmatical percision while keeping intact the bands brutal live energy. It is from this energy that Cephalic expand the bounds of death metal and grindcore into a spastic yet almost artistic expression. The dysfunctional complexity of the music is driven home by the relentless attack by which it is delivered. Each note is a precise strike on the nerves designed to be senced physically as much as heard, inducining the musical equivelant of a seizure. Are you ready to exploit the musical dsyfunction that Cephalic Carnage will unleash on your swolen cranium or has the passive normality that is pop culture completely taken over the cracked cavity that housed your brain?


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