Crowbar: pry the lid off your NOLA coffin

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Leveraging their mighty weight against the grain of trendy modern metal landscape New Orlean’s sons Crowbar return to set a new balance in aggression and domination. Twelve years and six full length releases into a career that has helped define the NOLA scene Crowbar continue redefining toxic grind. Their gritty, doom inspired sludge weilds an overwhelming power, fully matching the thick buyau air from which it was conceived. Crowbar are truly southern swill, laiden with enough inner thunder to match a hurricane and the girth of the mighty Mississippi river which the storm crosses. The dark, humming distortion of the guitars that has been a Crowbar signature is met with new recording and production techniques, building upon the harmonic experimentation of Odd Fellows Rest. The richer textures add additional dimension and depth and further build upon the doomy Crowbar myth. The lyrics continue to be deep and introspecive, a personal purgery of angst by frontman Kirk Windstein. The delivery however, is somewhat more billowing and haunting with the inclusion of harmonic effects and vocal layering. The addition of Sammy Satan Pierre-Duet to the current line-up lends a feverish Acid Bath-esque element to the already titanic sound. Throughout Equiliberium, Crowbar experiment with tempos and vocal structures to break up the monotonaty of the drawl. Each slab served up has its own musical personality ranging from uptempo crust to near gothic grinds. There are some serious corrosive forces at work in the new ellements of Crowbar’s sound, stripping away the expectation of a stero-typical doom-metal offering. Crowbar equate heavy with the weight of the primordial ooze and metal with casket nails, so be prepared to have the lid pryed off your coffin by the southern grit and swampy sludge spewed forth by one of metal’s heaviest quartets.


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