boysetsfire: the cause of the funeral

boysetsfire after the eulogyBoysetsfire
After the Eulogy

After the ultimant downturn in the alternative revolution, the underground scene from whence the alterna-pop moster rose still flourishes with “best kept secrets” and under-discovered tallent. Delaware natives BoySetsFire take thier socio-polotically charged angst to a melodic forefront preaching the underground ethic on After the Eulogy. Coupling emo-core cries with tightly crafted songs BSF captures the ears and hearts of listeners in one bold and unequivical stroke, instantly converting them to fans. The raw, unbridaled sound the quintet staked a following on through previous indie efforts becomes more refined, focused and produced on their Victory debut. Hardcore inspired outbursts are often followed with indie-rock inflections as BSF paint brutally honest pictures of the bitter reality that is modern existance. The delivery is nothing less that inspiring as the poingnant lyrics ring forth with charismatic impact. Executing musical arrangements outside of the typical verse…chorus mode, BSF weave memorable songs that are accentuated by the strength of thier musicality and production. Each of the thirteen songs breaths with its own life and radiates with the karma of unrelenting vehemence. The undulating flow of the arrangements accentuates the lyrical content, creating ebbs and tides throughout the album. Each whisper echos with a scream, each breakdown countered by a melody, each rise met with a fall. The interpretation of anger, fear, joy, confusion… …Eulogy is emotionally invigorationg, invoking intraspective thoughts with melodies that ring forth as true as the words that they deliver. The sing-along passages and weighty breakdowns are as dominant as ever, herolded through feverent execution by Nathan Gray and fully embodied by all of BSF throughout ..Eulogy. Say a final prayer for the barren-sounding alterna-corperate music surrounding you and embrace the emotionally charged emo-core reality of BoySetsFire before a eulogy is said for your musical ideals.


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