Grip Inc: Solidifying a Gripping sound

Grip Inc Solidify AmazonGrip Inc.

Coming from varrious musical and cultural backgrounds to form a cohesive musical unit, Grip Inc. solidifies in a multi-continentinal configeration of grappling, yet technical metal two years after releasing their thrashing sophmore release, Nemisis. Three “solo” albums into his post-Slayer career, Girp Inc. founder and percussionist Dave Lombardo continues to broaden his musical horizons while still maintaining the blinding speed and consistency that earned him his place in the hearts of the percussive arts community. The basic elements of his one-of-a-kind double bass style are, of course, the groundwork on which Grip Inc. as been built. Add in his background in noise and avant garde (with Mike Patton/Fantomas) and his newfound experience in classical and Lombardo’s musical range begins to truly shine forth. Grip Inc. however transcends being a drummer’s pre-mature ejactulation, combining traditional elements of thrash and death metal into a semi-melodic scheme of complexity. Gus Chambers gruff vocal approach offers another driving force for the quartet, belting out pungent, yet simplist lyrics agains the fretboard onslaught of guitarist and producer Waldemar Sorychta and bassist Jason Viebrooks. The highlight of the eleven song endevour is the guitar and drum duet “Bug Juice.” The album’s closing track features flaminco inspired guitar paired with Lombardo’s singular perscision, speed and finesse that unequivically matches or supasses the fretwork of axe-slinger Sorychta. The quartet incorperate a solid technical approach to metal, gripping all of the vital aspects to achieve respect and even acclaim in the aggressive music community. Grip Inc.’s seizmic approach on Solidify binds the aggression together proving that the third time is truly a charm.


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