Substance D: your new addiction

Substance D Addictions AmazonSubstance D

If being a successful SoCal metal band requires you to wear trendy cloths, combine the lesser aspects of emo and hip hop together into your music and posture like a rock star of bygone eras than count Substance D out. However, if admonishing the trends and breaking musical ground by incorporating the best aspects of a multitude of loud genres is more your style than Addictions will have you hooked for years to come. To the passing ear this LACA trio might be written off as the next generation of indsutrial influenced metal with thier sampling and near-mechanical rhythmic percision. On the surface this might be enough to even entice the passive listerns attention. However, the real addition occurs upon closer inspection. A metronomical bottom end of bass and drums innitially propels the sound while thrash inspired guitar lines are layered above it. Unpretentous lyrical delivery by bassists/vocalist Todd Chaisson, accuentuated by the varrious inflections of Michael Parnin on guitar/vocals is then injected subtle, yet potent doses. The perform as one unit in the way that power trios were meant to, tight and unwavering with enough finesse in their delivery to provide that more than a subtle brain-aching effect. Substance D’s continuous social comentary, focusing on SoCal life in the latter half of the twentith century in poingant and insightful. Filled with riddling interpretations of everyday life in both the lyrical content and audio samples, the trio explores the depths of addiction and recovery beyond the obvious narcotic references. The self producted follow-up to their debut Black (F.A.D. records) represents more than a coming of age for the trio. It is a defining inspiration for their continued battle again the medocracy of the LACA metal scene, proto-industrial metal and the current socio-polotical environment. If you are ready to ingest a new and innovative metalic pill than Substance D represents the addiction you have been craving, otherwise generic, over-commercialized metal is ready to fill your viens and consume your brain.


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