Sevendust: a sophomore’s homecoming

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It is often said that the more people anticipate your sophomore effort, the harder it will fall from the pedestal. If that kind of disappointment was the case than there would not be as welcome of a homecoming for Sevendust in the loud rock community. Following up their groundshaking self titled TVT debut with Home, the southern quintet seeks to redefine the way it is perceived inside the loud rock landscape, shining forth with powerful grooves, commanding vocals and a metal stance not likely to be driven from its present home. Driving groove laden riffs are continuously trudged upon by the layered vocal counterpoint by lead Lajon Witherspoon with axe-slinger Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose. Witherspoon’s explicit use of the death metal growl along side of his very soulful harmonies makes for a very dynamic approach, thus adding to the already diverse vocal landscape. Opting this time around for a little less in the way of expressionary diversity in syncopated rhythms and shifting moods and focusing more on catchy, sing along choruses and consistently flowing guitar riffs. That is not to say that the off-kilter bottom end and backwards groove rhythms aren’t prevalent throughout Home, but it is obvious that the Sevendust crew had other avenues they wanted to tred down more. The road that Sevendust travels home this time around also includes two very memorable guest appearances. Skin (Skunk Anansie) lends her unique pipes and writing approach to “Licking Cream” while Chino (Deftoens) brings his gritty emo inspired voice and writing approach to “Bender.” With production credits going to Toby Wright and Jay Jay French there is never a lack of power throughout Home. If you already know what the Sevendust experience is all about, than welcome home to a sophomore effort that won’t fail your ears or your moshing feet, and if not that this is one homecoming you really should not miss.


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